Staff/Troop of the Week: 7/12/2021

Well Hello there Ice Warriors,

New Week, New Monday, New Troop/Staff of the week. Typically for these articles, you would read about their accomplishments in Ice Warriors leading them to the deserved titles. However, I decided to switch it up a bit this week and let this week’s Troop/Staff of the week share their story!! Let’s get right into it!

This week’s Troop of the week goes out to the one and only, Livia♡. She has been super active in our chat and attending all our events these past two weeks, making her name very well known in the Ice Warriors community and even earning herself a double promotion in last week’s promo party! Let’s check out to see what keeps her going! 

Queen Livia with that promotion!!! Awesome Job!

DrQueen: You have been such an active member these past couple of weeks and have been doing awesome in IW, what is your #1 motivator to keep going and continue attending events?

Livia♡: My #1 motivator is to keep doing the good work and get better do be a staff one day

We will for sure hope to see you get Staff in training down the future Livia! Keep up the awesome work!!!


Next up, Our Staff of the week goes out to one of our amazing staff members, Trails! Trails joined the Staff team just a little over 2 months ago, and ever since has been a rockstar at helping make accounts, making troops feel welcomed in IW and just about excelling at every Staff task there is, leading to his promotion of obtaining the Staff role, just early last week! Let’s get an inside scoop with Trails!

DrQueen visiting Trails inside Trail’s private pool!

DrQueen: You have been a pretty awesome staff member these past couple of weeks, how do you contribute to your success?

Trails: I’ve come so far as I have because of all the online friends I have made along the way. Thanks to YOU guys and the Ice Warriors, my mood irl has never been full of kindness as it is, for almost my whole life. I do things but feel like it’s too small, or that I do it not so often. I always need to power myself up, upgrade my work, stepping up in what I must do, come on trails or (my irl name) you got this! You know the ways, show them what potential lays within you!!! But still feel nothing.

it’s no worth it, what am I doing. Just gonna go with what tools I have now. But then one day, I remembered, all these people can do it, so can I! I CAN PULL STUFF OUTTA MY SLEEVES TOO! I HAVE SO MUCH TO SHOW AND GIVE, JUST LIKE THESE PEOPLE DO! And so, I continued showing that for weeks and weeks, then eventually reached Staff/SiT. That day, my heart been beating extra happy, extra joy, and with hope. Never let anyone, not a single skin, and flesh tell you what you are less good at, and trying to take you down cuz man, you gotta do what you gotta do to even get to the store without getting jumped on. You kick back, protect yourself, they are humans, not giants, they ain’t gonna crush you into pieces. You are so much more worth than even god knows. I believe that you know where your potential lies within, YOU know what tools you got no one else does, YOU KNOW HOW TO USE THEM, NO ONE ELSE DOES! SO USE THEM AND HELP OTHERS, PUT THEIR NEEDS BEFORE YOURS, give them love. That’s all a person asks for. Give them some love and care, show them that you are there for them.

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