Meme Monday: IceQueen *cough* I mean LOUDQueen?!

Good day to you all Ice Warriors!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day today, as you may all know today is Monday, a new day where Sunday is behind us, and don’t forget about our weekly article Meme Monday! As you can see from the title, I’ll be discussing the nickname that has been given to IceQueen, LoudQueen. To know about the opinions from our troops, staff, and LIT’s; let’s jump right in 😀

As you may all know IceQueen, but many call her ‘LoudQueen’.  During many of her VC leading, her loud voice is heard through the voice chat, which has annoyed many of us during events, some troop even have to lower the volume. Even though I, myself, Cloudy have VC lead together with her, I don’t consider her as ‘LoudQueen’. So, that is why I’m taking a quick dive into other people’s thoughts about this situation on why she is or isn’t ‘LoudQueen’.

So first of all, I have asked a few of our beloved troop, staff, and SiT’s to know more about the reason behind this nickname:

When did you consider IceQueen a LoudQueen and why?

Amethyst: I consider Icequeen as loudqueen because every time we have an event and she’s VC leading she’s always shouting at us like “ASCENT-TOWN GUYS”

Turbo: So I believe I may have been the person to create the nicknames LoudQueen and LateQueen for her during the Graduation Party when I VC lead that event with Levelz. The reason I did it was because the other leaders would call a tactic and then we do 3 other tactics only for IceQueen to suddenly type it the tactic we already did a few mins ago lol. Also, she seems to be like Icey, if not worse when it comes to typing a promo paragraph, and drags it A LOT THAT I ALMOST PEED MYSELF ONCE!

Tabitha: Well, I never started to consider Icequeen loud until I used my phone for event VC
because my laptop broke. My phone speakers are an earrape on phone.


Do you agree IceQueen is being called a LoudQueen? Yes or no?

Teny: Sometimes, no. Most of the time, YES!

Super: I don’t believe in IceQueen being called LoudQueen because personally, I think that her voice leading is amazing and perfect. (Congrats on promo :D)

Isa: Nope

Next, I’ve asked our LiT’s about this situation, and let’s find out what do they really think:

As a fellow LiT with IceQueen, do you think it’s agreeable she is nicknamed LoudQueen from her past VC leading events?

DrQueen: I 100% agree with your statement Ms. Reporter Cloudy and here is why! You see, IceQueen has always been one of my best friends in this army, we have worked together a lot throughout our time in Water Ninjas and now our hopes together to being #LeaderQueens one day. Because of close friendship, we VC together ALMOST every day. She would either come in not hearing us hence speaking very loud asking “CAN YOU HEAR ME” when we can, in fact, hear her or it’s somebody who has calm down that is VC leading and she pops in like “AHHH” like :Demon:. She’s even louder when you play Fortnite with her, therefore IceQueen just naturally loud, making her name LoudQueen :sleep:

Lemonade1S: I definitely agree. Her “mhmm’s” when she is agreeing with someone need a jumpscare warning :waryhand: they almost always knock me out of my seat


Evidence from Alu that IceQueen does have a loud voice

I’ve also found a meme that is made by our Head General, Kirb regarding a few nicknames that have been named for IceQueen.

These nicknames are better than IceQueen??

As the person who made this meme which nickname fits best for IceQueen?

Kirb: I feel like loud queen as her mic is so bad she is very loud

Lastly, I asked the owner of the nickname which is obviously IceQueen, and found out about her opinion:

So… IceQueen what do you think of being called a LoudQueen do you accept that or not?

IceQueen: :DEAD: uh… hmmm, I mean I am kind of loud in VC, to be a good Voice Commander you have to be loud and clear so I guess I do accept being called LoudQueen. Plus that nickname is way better than for example Fake Elsa or LiceQueen XD. To all readers, I am the Real Elsa :elsa:.

So that is it, everyone, for this week’s Meme Monday, thanks to those who participate in answering the questions ^-^, in conclusion, IceQueen does accept she is a LoudQueen and everyone’s answers really do make me think that she is a LoudQueen whether it’s during events or when chatting with others XD, and I want to see more of you guys answer about this topic in the comments below! Also, congratulate IceQueen on her recent big promotion to Leader!

If you want to be featured on our next Meme Monday, submit some of your memes in #iw-memes. Last but not least, don’t forget to react to our next CPR event #event-information. Peace out! 

3 Responses

  1. She’s really not loud at all guys. Maybe that’s just my headphones though.




  3. I’m her twin!! 🙂


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