Fan Art Friday 31

Good Morning/afternoon/evening, Ice Warriors!!! Please, stop what you are doing right now, and read this article. Grab a plate and a seat at the table because the freshest edition of Fan Art Friday just came out of the oven! Grab your laptop, or your phone, and join me in looking at our amazing artists’ work, and even enjoying some stories I wrote about them.

To start us off, we have a lovely drawing of a new character, Swiftclaw, drawn by our Corporal, Charizard533!! Now let’s get into the story that I wrote about this piece!

There once was a sad little dragon named Swiftclaw, who thought he was the ugliest dragon ever because he didnt have any colors. He moped around his town all the time, with a sad droopy face, until one day, he met CharizardCharizard didnt like seeing people sad, so they decided to paint Swiftclaw many different colors, making him one of the most beautiful dragons to ever grace this earth.

Next, we have a lovely drawing from our  Lieutenant, Timothy. This lovely drawing is a digital artwork of one of Earth’s greatest treasures. Read more about it in the story!

If you ever want someone who’s never gonna desert you, never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye, then Rick Astley is the one for you! (yes, you did just get rickrolled in Fanart Friday) But Rickrolls aside, Rick Astley is the kindest person ever. He will never let you down.

Do I smell cake? Yes, I do! Because it is the birthday week of our Staff In Training, Penguin, to celebrate this wonderful day,  Princesspiya drew a picture for her!

One day, Penguin was wandering around the aisles of Walmart, when suddenly, out of nowhere, Princesspiya jumped out and scared her! She fell backward into a cart of brownies and screamed. Then, when she noticed she was sitting in a pile of brownies, she decided to eat one! She thought it was so good, she decided to take them all (she paid for them of course) and shared them with all her IW friends! So, if you ever want a brownie, just ask Penguin! And don’t forget to wish her a belated happy birthday!

Finally, we have a lovely drawing from a Staff In Training, Al! Instead of a story, I asked Al how long she hads been doing art.

Al: A very long time actually. Ever since I was young I took art seriously yet having fun was always an objective and I always enjoyed painting and crafting, so for about 5-7 years I’ve been doing art. I actually just started doing digital art!

And that is the end of this lovely edition of Fan Art Friday! Make sure to wear sunscreen and drink lots of water in this hot weather, and maybe even take an ice bath! But, after all of that, always remember…

Don’t Freeze Up!!!


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