Weekly Recap July 24-30

Heyo Ice Warriors!

This week saw an impressive change, we had many new troops join the events which was wonderful to see! Our land on the CPA map has increased even further and we wrapped up the week celebrating IW’s former colony, Water Ninjas, 10th Anniversary!💙

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Trivia Thursday #31- Discord Edition

Ring. Ring. You have an incoming call. Thanks for picking up the phone, Ice WarriorsThe weather here in Sub Zerosure is chilly today! Oh! What’s this in my Direct Messages from Et3rnal_Vo1d? It looks like a fresh edition of Trivia Thursday! Let’s take a look at it together! Continue reading

IWNH: Special? – Club Penguin + IW Family[NEW!]

Hi Ice Warriors,

SUB ZERO, Club Penguin IWNH HQ –

➡ Three days ago, l emailed the Club Penguin Support about the returning of April Fools Party tomorrow, but…[Click read more] And the IW Family!!!

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