Trivia Thursday #31- Discord Edition

Ring. Ring. You have an incoming call. Thanks for picking up the phone, Ice WarriorsThe weather here in Sub Zerosure is chilly today! Oh! What’s this in my Direct Messages from Et3rnal_Vo1d? It looks like a fresh edition of Trivia Thursday! Let’s take a look at it together!

The reporters here at the Ice Warriors News Center have noticed how much you all are loving our Trivia Thursday articles, which is why we are excited to announce that we have brought you a special edition of this weekly paper! Today’s edition will specifically feature trivia questions about Discord. You may have to go on a scavenger hunt to their official sites if you don’t know the answer to a question!

Before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look at our winners from last week. Give a big round of applause to absolutely nobody, because it doesn’t seem like anybody got all five questions correct! Staff members Cloudy and Hana both answered four of the questions correctly, making them the closest to winning! Better luck next time! For those wondering, here were the correct answers to last week’s Trivia Thursday, written by Snow The 2nd!

1) Answers may vary: Penguin, Turbo, Et3rnal_Vo1d (Any staff member who was promoted within a week before the post)

2) False

3) Icey’s Apprentice

4 C (Ice Box)

5) Star

6) Ghost, Andrew24, S Cargo2 (Cargo), Spyguy202.

You’re probably itching to get started on this scavenger hunt, but first, we need to go over the rules for those who aren’t familiar with Trivia Thursday. To participate in this fun activity, you simply need to correctly solve the questions below! In order to receive credit, you will need to send your answers in the comment section near the bottom of the page. The first three competitors to send the correct solutions to the questions will receive snowflakes in our Discord server, which can be used to purchase exclusive roles in the #shop.

1) About one month ago, on July 23rd, 2021, Discord released a movie trailer on their official Youtube channel, starring a famous actor. Who is said actor?

2) What is the maximum amount of roles a Discord server can have available?

3) Fill in the blank for Discord‘s most recent marketing campaign, which began on their sixth birthday: Imagine a _______

4) What are the three Discord Hypesquad houses?

5) True or False: The Discord ‘Bug Hunter’ profile badge is available only to Discord employees.

6) What is the chance of hearing the secret Discord ringtone when somebody calls you?

7) What is the name of Discord‘s mascot?

Well, it looks like that’s about it for our special edition of Trivia Thursday! Remember, if you don’t immediately know some of the answers, feel free to look around on Discord‘s website! Additionally, you may want to search various forums or do general research to find the correct information. Remember to post your answers in the comment section below, otherwise, you won’t be able to win snowflakes! Good luck Ice Warriors, and try not to freeze up!

2 Responses

  1. 1) Danny Devito

    2) 250

    3) Imagine a Place

    4) Bravery, Brilliance, and Balance.

    5) False

    6) 0.1%

    7) What is the name of Discord‘s mascot?


  2. 1. Danny Devito
    2. 250
    3. Imagine a place
    4. House of bravery, House of brillliance, House of balance.
    5. False
    6. 0.1%
    7. Wumpus

    (I hope googleing was allowed XD)


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