Q&A: Back to School

Hey Ice Warriors!

I hope you guys all managed to have an amazing weekend, especially with the end of August coming very soon! As you’re all aware, much of the IW community are starting to head back to school, if they haven’t already! I’d imagine many of you may be feeling nervous or excited or even both! So in today’s Q&A, I took the time to go around getting some insight on the community’s varied feelings on starting or heading back to school. I also asked troops their views on the IW Olympics and what aspect of it they specifically loved about it. Thirdly, knowing that the end of August is looming on us, I asked our Ice Warriors what particular event during the month was still very fresh on their minds. With that being said, let’s dive right into the questions!

What part of the IW Olympics do you think you’ve enjoyed the most?

Livia: Pretty good and I have fun joining in the IW Olympics and yeah I love it.

Silver Boy: Personally, I have enjoyed the connection between troops, staff, leaders, etc. I have also really enjoyed MOST of the games we have played. Lmao. But yeah this whole thing was just an amazing idea. Shoutout to Kally for having this idea and shoutout to all of the helpers and leaders of the event. You guys are amazing and creative.

Melonz: I’ve been fairly busy with real-life things but overall when I’ve had time to attend events, I really enjoyed playing on newcp, they have many more games and it’s so much fun to participate in them at the end. I’ve also liked being able to work as a team, it will build trust and be a great way to make more friends with staff/troops.


How do you feel about heading to school/college this year? (whether you’re starting it or going back)

Angel: It feels fun and exciting honestly :3.

Josh: Oh my, well heading to school/college gives you a lot to think about. To me. the main things I’m concerned about are potential with difficult classes and balancing that with being in Ice Warriors. Understandably, there have been breaks, which are something we might always need. At the end of the day, even if IW has become less active due to the beginning of school/college for a majority, we’re still a strong family!

Kristina: Ohh honestly, I’m stressed and excited at the same time, stressed because this is a very important year and I’ll be drowning in work the whole year LOL but also excited because I’ll be seeing all my friends every day and I’ve missed that!! I’ve also missed having more of a routine, and having to get out of bed and actually do stuff.

Purple: Tbh, Am glad I’m going back to college in person this year because I started my first year online and it was a bit hard and also it’s always great to see your friends that you haven’t seen since this pandemic started.


With August ending soon, what would you say was your most memorable event during the month and why?

Eternal: My favorite events from this past month have definitely been the IW Olympics. By using the NewCP client, there are many new games to compete against each other with. Forming teams with friends also gives people more freedom than past events, since teams get to pick a team name, color, theme, and even emoji! Overall, the Olympics offer many fun opportunities for everyone, not to mention you can earn an exclusive Olympian medal just for competing, and a very special medal if your team wins!

Nathan: Probably Erick’s retirement event, not because I am glad he retired, it’s just because Erick was really a role model to me, so this even was a really nice event for me, and it was super fun, with lots of memories 😀

IceQueen: My most memorable event during this month would be Erick’s Retirement event on the 14th of August. Although it was sad to see Erick go, we gave him the best possible send-off and many IW troops and friends from other armies managed to attend making it more special for Erick! He also got roasted and exposed so much which was pretty hilarious to see XD! He will never stop being a noob.

Penguin: The most memorable event was definitely by far the Legends Cup Semis vs HF!! Although we didn’t win, we maxed a jaw-dropping 70+ penguins and the experience was amazing. The CPR mods were scared of us, and they were afraid! It’s definitely something that I’ve never experienced and it was super fun.

IW maxed shocking sizes of over 80 troops during their Legends Cup battle against Help Force, which ultimately led to CPR mods stepping in. We all know how that turned out. Definitely, one to be remembered!


Well, there you have it, folks! As you can see, many members of the community seem to be very focused on heading back to school and are understandably looking forward to coming back in person, considering that a lot of us have been working at home during the pandemic! It is also clear that the IW Olympics has been well-received overall by troops, especially with the choice of games and the teamwork aspect involved in it. Lastly, I found from troops that there were actually many events they believed to be notably memorable during August. This ranged from the retirement of our dearly missed leader, Erick09, the massive LCXI Semi-Finals against Help Force and its explosive aftermath, and of course the ongoing IW Olympics! I’m sure many of us are looking forward to what comes ahead in September. With that in mind, I wish everyone that is starting or heading back to school/college the best of luck and I hope you guys have an awesome week!

Ice Warriors Forever!

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