Weekly Recap July 24-30

Heyo Ice Warriors!

This week saw an impressive change, we had many new troops join the events which was wonderful to see! Our land on the CPA map has increased even further and we wrapped up the week celebrating IW’s former colony, Water Ninjas, 10th Anniversary!💙

Magma Clan withdrew from the War granting Ice Warriors victory! A treaty was formed and the IW Empire has increased further on the CPA Map.

This week, Ice Warriors successfully invaded the following servers on the CPA map: Fjord, Snowflake, Polar, Blizzard and Shiver! As per the Magma Clan treaty, we also obtained: Alabama, Methana, Etna, Vesuvius & Nisyros!

[AUSIA] Ghost Invasion

Max: 24


[EU/US] IW Race vs IceQueen

Max: 33


[EU/US] Monster Invasion

Max: 33


[EU/US] Roblox Takeover 

Max: 32


[AUSIA] IW Villains vs ACP Heroes PB

Max: 27


[EU/US] WNCP 10th Anniversary Celebration

Max: 37


Thank you to DrQueen and Levelz for helping with size count and to all our amazing IW photographers! Let us know below what your fave part of the week was!

❄️💙Love you all forever and always, remember to love yourselves 💙❄️

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