Misc Friday #10

Greetings Ice Guardians! Welcome to the 10th edition of the Misc Friday and woah, we already reached 10 articles of this series, it’s good to see how well we are doing with our Misc Friday series. Anyways, I hope you all are doing very well and ready for what we do usually in this article. Yes! You guessed it right, we are gonna be looking at some of the exciting and cool things from #fan-art, #food, #iw-memes and #pets. Now, let’s move forward with the article!

The first channel will be #food and we all are going to be taking a look at a delicious dish from here! 😋

So, here’s the dish we were talking about, and it is made by our 3rd in CommandKris!

Veggie Lasagna


The second channel will be #pets, it is time to take a look at those adorable and cute cats! :awe:

Here’s a cat from Hiro, how adorable they are!

And here’s another cutie cat from Walter White!


Next will be #fan-art, let’s take a seat and get ready to see an amazing sketch art! :e5:

There we go, here’s an amazing and fantastic sketch art of made by makintoshq!


The last channel for today is going to be #iw-memes, time to take a look at the meme!

Here, we got a meme made by Hiro!

Hunter: I have been watching you making memes for quite a while now, what’s your motive behind making all those memes including this one?

Hiro: My motive is to make people laugh, when they are having a bad day, or feeling bored at times. That’s why I make hilarious and relatable memes. And also keeping the channel alive as well. 😁

Great job Hiro! Hope to see you continuing making those memes in IW.


With this, we’ll be bringing this article to an end. Hope you all were feeling better by reading this article. If you wish to have to get featured in one of our Misc Fridays, then make sure to post in #fan-art#pets, #food and #iw-memes to get a chance to get featured in one of our articles! Also do make sure to keep an eye on our upcoming events, #🌊┃water-ninjas-10th-anni. See you all in the next one!



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