Troop / Staff Member / Recruiter of the Week: July 24th, 2022

Good Morning / Afternoon / Evening IW :3

This week was the beginning of invasions with us claiming four pieces of land already. With these invasions also came more troops and staff excitement and we saw many people hard at work :iwsalute:. Keep on reading to find out who earned Troop, Recruiter and Staff of the week!

Troops of the Week: XtreemGamr

Recruiter of the Week: Hunter

Staff Member of the Week: Hunter

Week of the Troop!! Yes indeed, our TOTW this week is our new Warrant Officer, XtreemGamr. He was just double promoted at our promotion party earlier today. This last week Xtreem has been really active in the main chat as well as showing up to events and is really putting a lot of effort in!

Next up for this week is Recruiter of the Week. You already seen it but Hunter is our ROTW this time! Hunter has been putting a lot of effort into recruiting new troops to the army multiple times in the last few days and is doing the best he can, well done hunter!

You saw him above at the ROTW and you’re about to see him again, this week’s SMOTW is none other than Hunter! Recruiter AND Staff Member of the Week, that’s just how much work Hunter has been putting in! From recruiting troops to talking in main, attending events, helping people get logged on, writing articles. He is doing amazing and is very deserving of this title, keep up the good work!

And there you have it, make sure to tell them all congrats when you see them around the discord! Hope you all are ready for this next week because it’s time to get into war mode. Keep on working hard and see you all next time!!


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