Weekly Recap: July 17th-23rd

Did someone say… War??? Land Invasions???

Boy, did IW have a busy week with not only picking land from the CPA Map but IW going to war after two years of not being in combat! It’s time to put war faces on because going forward, it’s gonna be a week to remember.

Ice Warriors has declared War on Magma Clan. You can find the war terms here.

Congrats to Ice Warriors on securing one of the top three positions on the CPA Top Ten board!

Congrats to Ice Warriors for obtaining the following servers on the CPA map: Sub Zero (Capital), Husky (Co-Capital), White House, Klondike, Kościuszko, Arendelle, Matterhorn, and server 17 (name TBD)!

Congrats to Aiga on her promotion to Command Officer!

Congrats to Chek on his promotion to Major General!

Congrats to Infinite, Origin, and Milkyway on their promotion to Staff in Training!

Note: All non-blue counted penguins are confirmed IW Troops.

[AUSIA] Practice Battle w/ Help Force

Max: 23

[US] Thor Takeover

Max: 21

[EU] War Training

Max: 22

[EU] Reclaiming Arendelle

Max: 25

[EU/US] Invasion of Matterhorn

Max: 19

[EU] IW Dragons (+ invasion of 17)

Max: 24


Thank you to DrQueen, IceQueen & Levelz for helping count the pictures!

Until then, Don’t Freeze up!

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