Misc Friday #9

Hewo Ice Warriors! Welcome back to our 9th Misc Friday of the series. Hope you all are doing amazingly good and are ready for today’s article which will probably make your day even better. So, take a seat and relax because today we are going to be seeing some awesome things from #food#fan-art, and #pets. Now, without any more waiting, let’s begin!

We are going to be starting by taking a look at some cool art pieces in #fan-art!

Here’s an amazing and attractive drawing by our artist Skylor!

An artpiece of Eda Clawthorne.

Next, we have another evolution of Eevee from pokemon which looks very amazing, made by our 2nd in Command, Subster!


The second channel for today is going to be #pets! let’s take look at the cute cat.

This is a very cute cat from our IW Mythic, Flamez!


The last channel for today which we are going to dive into would be #food! Get ready to take a look at that delicious food that our community has come up with!

Firstly, we have some tasty fried rice from our Leader, Kally!

Fried Rice

Next, we have a cheesecake which looks yummy by our 2nd in Command, Cloudy!


Hunter: That cheesecake looks yummy 😋. How was your experience while having it?

Cloudy: It’s for sure delicious, the cheese and sugar have the perfect amount :Barry:

And this is going to be it for today’s article. Hope you all were having joy while reading this. If you wish to get featured in one of our future Misc Fridays, then make sure to post in #food#iw-memes, #pets and #fan-art. Keep an eye on our upcoming invasion events and make sure to react if you will be able to attend. See you all in the next one!


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