Q&A: A New Competition in IW..

Hello Ice Warriors!

Hope everyone is currently having a fine day, as most of us already know Legends Cup is coming up soon and we’re having a war with Magma Clan where we’ll be battling and invading lands. This is a big thing for IW and a big challenge for the leaders, what do they think to help IW have a big possibility in winning? Let’s find out 👇

What are the things IW will need to prepare before the war as most of the troops are new to the concept?

DrQueen:  I think IW troops will need to understand the war terms and to educate troops about war. Two, I mentioned how war battles can be like tournament battles, it all depends on who you’re fighting through. Hence stuff like Size and being awake is super important because when we try to steal land from our enemy, these battles will be judged by CPAJ judges. Losing a room can cost us big time where we can lose our land and have to give it to the other enemy. We must take all the enemy’s land first. The only last piece of land standing will be their capital. Once we secure the capital, we have won the war. However, if they take all our land + capital (SubZero), we lost the war.

Kally: The biggest change in comparison to our regular events is the length. War battles are 30 minutes long, with three 10 minutes rooms in each battle. It’s challenging, but the aim is to stay on top of your game for the entire 30 minutes and to stay awake and spamming/moving! Many armies struggle with keeping up the hype, so this is something we’ll need to keep an eye out for as well. Speed is also a big element, as the judges will look forward to a speedy show of tactics that include both words, emotes, and creative bombs. This is more so a challenge for the leaders, but also difficult for troops as they’ll have to keep up with the leading!

Freedomist: Before the war, it is of utmost importance to ensure that everyone understands the situation we find ourselves in. We have not fought an army in war since 2020 and many people have either lost the war spirit or have not been here to experience the events of the past and it’s something we look to resolve. War is the fundamental aspect of armies and it’s time that we return to our roots. 

IceQueen: To prepare for the war against Magma Clan, especially for anyone new to the concept, it will be essential to learn what war is all about in CPA, what it means to be an Ice Warrior and to get into the correct mentality and to build up the war hype! The best way to achieve all that is to attend as many training events as possible and for our amazing staff team to continue helping new troops learn about CPA and how we battle.


As the war starts, what do we need to be careful or aware of to prevent any problems during the war?

DrQueen: Again, Troops need to understand our war terms. If we, IW, break any of the war terms, that can cost us the whole war and we lose it. For this war, I want to have a clean and fair war. Also, be careful about what you say in places like CPA League or in IW main chat, the enemy team can use what we say to their advantage to get into our heads and bring us down. Stay Loyal to Ice warriors and don’t leak any information to the enemy, or else that will cause problems.

Kally: No toxicity! Just because we’re at war doesn’t mean we have to start being rude to the opponent, after all this is just for fun!

Freedomist: As the war approaches and goes on we have to ensure we first and foremost have everyone logging on for our battles so that we can overwhelm the Magma Clan. Additionally, we have to ensure that everyone is awake and executing both tactics and formations as soon as possible so we can ensure a swift and clean victory. We cannot afford to let our guard down or get comfortable as the war continues.

IceQueen: Our troops and staff are a great asset to Ice Warriors and we all stand by any rules set. As the War starts, it is essential that we uphold all the rules and values of IW and War terms. Even though we are at war against Magma Clan, it is important to remain good sports and be civil towards them.


What will the aftermath of the war tell us as we’re having a tourney after that?

DrQueen: War is actually REALLY good training for the legends cup. As LC is TBA, this will give new troops and old troops the proper training needed. When we win, this will give us the boost of confidence we need to go in the legends cup to perform better.

Kally: Hopefully we’ll have gained some servers and be well prepped to go head to head with the greatest armies of this community in the Legends Cup! This war will introduce the community to a fresh side of Ice Warriors that they haven’t experienced under this leadership yet. It’s war o’clock :DevilGlare:

Freedomist: The conclusion of the war is merely the beginning of the Ice Warriors future.

IceQueen: As we’re set to attend the Legends Cup Tournament, the aftermath of the War will put us in a very great position. The War is a prime opportunity for everyone to sharpen their battle skills, be lightning quick at room switches and forms and spam experts for all the tactics sent in battle.


That’s all for this week’s Q&A, be prepared when the war is announced and starts, this will be a very big deal for IW’s future. As the leaders continue to plan to improve, be sure to attend our other events as our training and invasion of lands continues #⚔️ l matterhorn-invasion, and peace out! :iwsalute:



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  1. My burning passion for war is still in me!!! 🔥


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