Troop / Staff Member / Recruiter of the Week: July 31st, 2022

Hewwo Ice Warriors :3

We back for the final Troop/Staff/Recruiter of the week post of July. Keep on reading to find out who the top performers of the last week were!

Troops of the Week: Douma & fvabbb

Recruiters of the Week: Chek & Mogi

Staff Members of the Week: Aiga & Kristina

Our Troops of the Week today are Douma and fvabbb! They are new troops who joined the Ice Warriors recently and despite being new, they were both already double promoted to Sergeant at our promo party today. Over this last week they’ve been active in the discord server and at events too. Congrats on Troop of the Week guys and well done!!

For our Recruiters of the Week, give congratulations to Mogi and Chek! Both of these two have been all stars with recruiting lately bringing in many troops. Their hard work definitely does not get left unnoticed. Thanks for the dedication you both!

For our Staff Members of the Week, let’s give congrats to Aiga and Kristina! Aiga has been really versatile this week from helping troops make accounts on CPAB to being a great helper for notifying troops of events, she is a hard worker for IW. As for Kris, Kris had very recently rejoined the staff team, and ever since then she’s been super helpful in the team, being active and helping remind troops of events as well.

Good job everyone! All of you have been doing amazing and your hard work has been noticed!! If you would like to be up here next week make sure to be come to events, be active in the server, help out new troops and keep working hard. See you guys next week! :iwsalute:


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