Sunday Funday #12

Hey Ice Warriors! 

I hope you’ve all been having an amazing weekend so far! I know you guys are dying to chill today before getting dragged back to school or work on Monday, so we’ve put together this new edition of Sunday Funday for you guys to play and enjoy! For those that are new to Sunday Fundays, they are essentially a collection of minigames put together that you can play and earn snowflakes for the games you win. The snowflakes you win from playing can be used to buy some awesome roles on the #shop channel, including the exclusive Nightmare on IW Street role out right now for October! You can even use these snowflakes to enter our custom role giveaways that happen throughout the month. So without further ado, let’s get right into today’s games!

First off, we have a game of Where’s Waldo (staff edition). See if you guys can find the requested staff or trusted staff member roaming around in each of these event pictures!

Can you find our amazing Trusted Staff member, Steph in this event picture below? (CPR username: Steph IW)


Try to find our Staff member, Trails in this photo below! (CPR username: XxTrailsxX)


See if you can spot our Staff member, Dany in this event image? (CPR username: Danyelom)


Next up, we have a brand new fun game called Guess Who? Try to guess who the Ice Warrior is based on these descriptions or quotes about them below!

1) ‘Bro dog tbh’- who came up with this phrase?

2) This Staff Member has named themselves after a sandwich.

3) Infamous for their peculiar style of spelling.

4) ‘Star this yall XD XD’- who started this catchphrase?

Lastly, we’ve got a really cool crossword puzzle for you guys to solve. Here, we have a total of 9 words that you’ll need to figure out using the clues that have been provided below! Keep in mind that all of the answers can be found on either the Ice Warriors website, the discord server, Club Penguin Rewritten, or just general knowledge that you have on IW!


Click to enlarge the image.


That wraps up this week’s Sunday Funday article peeps! Do you guys think you can handle all of these games? If you can, make sure to send your answers to either Purple ♡#4411 , penguin#7613, or snow the 2nd#7669 so you can go grab those snowflakes! If you have any questions about Sunday Fundays or if you have any further game suggestions for the article, please do DM any of our amazing IWNC reporters. Until then…

Don’t Freeze Up!





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