Weekly Recap: October 10th-16th 2021

Hey there Ice Warriors!

Our Heroes vs Villains week is already over! What was your favourite event of the week? Check out the post below and let us know!

Before we move to the events, here are the staff promotions of the week:

Onyx was promoted to Major General!

Luna was promoted to Command Officer!

Swirl and Sirgoncalo were promoted to Staff to finish SiT school!

Zedey, Timothy and Mogi joined the Staff in Training Team!

[AUSIA] Heroes vs Villains Kickoff

Max: 42

[EU/US] Sled Racing Tournament

Max: 41

[AUSIA] Troop U-Lead

Max: 37

[EU/US] Ghostbusters’ Battle with Water Vikings

Max: 31

[EU/US] Icey’s Food Takeover

Max: 32

[EU/US] Catch the Villain

Max: 43

Hope you all had a great week! Are you excited for our Harry Potter Takeover? I sure am! See you next week and as always…


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