Fan Art Friday #43

Happy Friday, Ice Warriors! Welcome back to another edition of Fan Art Friday, with this issue being volume #43. Today we’ll be taking a look at some of your amazing artwork posted in the #fan-art channel from the past week. You might want to take a seat and stay awhile because these creations are very interesting!

The first piece I’d like you to see is this phenomenal drawing made by lxvi! The small touch of nature included in this art provides a very nice aesthetic for this piece. Let’s hear the story about how this drawing came to be!

Et3rnal: This artwork you made has a very unique style. Can you give us some background as to what inspired you to create this?

lxvi: Ok, so that art is inspired by IW’s emoji contest theme. Since I’m allowed to submit emojis only, I decided to create art and put it in the fan art channel thingy. :3 The reason why I added a demon slayer character, Kanao, is because I like her, and she kinda matched the contest theme. Then, an idea came up to my brain: I decided to replace her purple eyes with orange-sunset eyes, her purple bow on her shirt thingy to orange, and I decided to draw some autumn leaves. I also added a butterfly and put a sunset background to make it prettier!

Next up, we have what appears to be a cute drawing of colorful flowers with a chromatic theme. This artwork has been created by our Corporal First Class, Kitty Kat! Although simplistic, there is a lot to gather from this image, and it leaves you wondering about the story behind it. Looks like it’s up for your own interpretation.

The next piece I’ve found is truly astonishing. It’s been made by minidynamo, a very talented artist and former staff member in our server.

Et3rnal: This painting you made is absolutely amazing, especially for your attempt at making one! I really love the attention to detail and how it fits with the spooky month of October. I’m just curious, what was your motivation behind making your art? And long did this piece take you to complete?

minidynamo: Haha, funny story about this portrait actually. I wanted to create something for Inktober but I do not have the time (nor patience lol) to do a drawing each day so I thought I’d do a HUGE portrait in a normal ballpoint pen. It was going well, I was pleased with it but decided it didn’t look realistic enough so I was wondering how I could make it look better. I tried blending it with alcohol markers, it started to lift the ink and make it blue instead of black :DEAD: SO I DID A PANIK. I got these gouache paints that I was gifted as a present for Christmas last year and used it like once. I cannot paint, especially with portraits so I gave my paints the hard shoulder for a very very long time until I needed something to fix my abomination in front of me LOL. For my very first attempt at painting a portrait with paint, I think it turned out okay. Since it was only an A4 page, it only took a couple of days. If it was on a larger scale, it would’ve taken a few weeks/months, so let’s be thankful I had my thinking cap on that day. :NervousLaugh:

The final piece we’ll take a look at today is a digital drawing containing many creative and artistic elements drawn by wibblywonka!

I would have liked to learn more about the process behind this piece, but unfortunately, I couldn’t get in touch with the artist of this amazing illustration. From what I can see, though, this image depicts a figure standing in front of a background similar to a sunset. I love how the background creates an illusion of soft brushstrokes, don’t you?

Well, that’s going to wrap it up for this week’s edition of Fan Art Friday! If you would like to have a chance of your own artwork being featured in a future issue, remember to keep posting your work in the #fan-art channel! We love to see your creations! Lastly, don’t forget to react in #events-information to participate in our upcoming events, and have an amazing weekend!

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