Disney Themed Week: How did it go?

Hey Ice Warriors!

How has your October been so far? For us over at IWNC, it’s been great! We have reporters, Rach, Nathan, and Dany coming to you live from the center of the Ice Warriors Halloween parties, and today, we will be recapping the first memorable themed week of this month, Disney!

If you were not up to date, then let us refresh your mind! For each week of October, we will be doing a fun-themed week! Each themed week will be about any fun pop culture topic. Our first themed week for this month was about Disney! Now, in memory of this particular week, we shall go around asking a couple questions to our staff team that joined the Disney trend earlier this month. Let’s go, shall we?

What is your favorite movie?


What is your Favorite Disney song?


Who is your favorite Disney character?

Why did you choose the Disney character for your PFP?


Penguin: The Emperor’s New Groove, colors of the wind, I LOVE Moana, I chose the profile picture because Colors of the Wind is the best song ever uwu and Pocahontas is a great character.

Purple: My favorite Disney movie is tangled My favorite Disney song is I see the light,
I choose rapunzel as my Disney pfp because she’s my favorite princess (ties into fav character).

Josh: Favorite Movie: Mulan (because I’ve probably seen this the most)
Favorite Disney Song: Speechless (Aladdin)
Favorite Disney Character: It may have to be Shang for being a leader



Now that we have learned more about people’s thoughts on the Disney theme and with the Superheroes and Villains week coming to an end, are you guys excited for our next themed event? For this week, our theme will be none other than Harry Potter! Comment below on what your favorite part of the Disney week was and what wizardly character you’re going to be dressing up for this week! We can’t wait to see!

And that’s all for today peeps! Make sure you guys keep both eyes on #events-information and #ausia-events-information, as well as the #annoucements channel! Don’t forget to dress up for this week’s Harry Potter theme! Keep on being awesome and chill. Until next time…

Shinzou wo Sasageyo





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