Troop/Staff of the Week + Reporter of the Month – November 1st 2021

Hey Ice Warriors Family! The Spooky month of October is now over, it’s time for November! Thank you to all of you amazing Ice Warriors. Each and every one of you is part of why Ice Warriors is the number one army of October. The following Ice Warriors have been working very hard to ensure the success of the Ice Warriors. Keep reading to find out who the TOTW, SMOTW, and ROTM are!:partyblobcat: 

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Troop/Staff of the Week: October 25th 2021

Hey Ice Warriors Family! We’ve reached the final week of our October themes. This week’s theme is Spooky Characters, so make sure to participate. A new theme also means a new TOTW and SMOTW. Keep reading to find out who these hardworking and spooky penguins are!:pumpkinwiggle:

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The Story of Ice Wizards

In one of many alternate universes, the Ice Warriors is also known as the Ice Wizards, a.k.a the Dumbledore Army. Their many battle successes include the Inquisitorial Squad (Water Vikings) and the Dementors from Azkaban (Silver Empire). Delighted, Cloudy and Kally were able to be told how they started… Continue reading

Disney Themed Week: How did it go?

Hey Ice Warriors!

How has your October been so far? For us over at IWNC, it’s been great! We have reporters, Rach, Nathan, and Dany coming to you live from the center of the Ice Warriors Halloween parties, and today, we will be recapping the first memorable themed week of this month, Disney!

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Troop/Staff of the Week: October 11th 2021

Hey Ice Warriors Family! As we entered into the spooky month of October, our sizes during events increased! This is an amazing accomplishment that we could not have reached without all of you. We appreciate each and every one of you so much! These four penguins have played a significant part in the success of Ice Warriors over the past week. It is now time to announce this week’s TOTW and SMOTW!:celebrateegp:

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