Troop/Staff of the Week + Reporter of the Month – November 1st 2021

Hey Ice Warriors Family! The Spooky month of October is now over, it’s time for November! Thank you to all of you amazing Ice Warriors. Each and every one of you is part of why Ice Warriors is the number one army of October. The following Ice Warriors have been working very hard to ensure the success of the Ice Warriors. Keep reading to find out who the TOTW, SMOTW, and ROTM are!:partyblobcat: 

Troop of the Week: Devastating_Cat & Poffy

Staff of the Week: Infinite & Kim

Reporter of the Month: Cloudy

Congrats to our two hardest-working troop members this week! devastating_cat and Poffy! Both troops have received double promotions this week for their superior attendance for CPR events, As devastating_Cat has received a promotion to Sergeant and Poffy to Head Marshall! Both troops are always constantly active in our chat and it’s always a pleasure to see them active! Congrats to both of you and continue the great work to hopefully join the staff team one day!

Infinite was a staff member of Ice Warriors for a very long time. He went on break and returned in October with a bang. Infinite has been none stop working hard for Ice Warriors since he returned. He is an outstanding recruiter bringing in over 1.5k new members into the Ice Warriors Family. He also helps to welcome these new members and to get them set up on CPR. Infinite you have been doing an incredible job and we are amazed by you.

Kim recently graduated from sit and was promoted to full staff. She’s always attending our Club Penguin events and hyping main before events. She also welcomes many new troops into Ice Warriors and helps them get set up on CPR. We’re very proud of you Kim, keep up the amazing work!

This month Ice Warriors New Center recognizes Cloudy as the Reporter of the month! This e9 Legend has written nothing but great content for the branch. Cloudy is very versatile in the type of articles she can write. She is willing to write new things and go above and beyond in the content she writes. She always puts in great effort to ensure the articles include quality content and make sure the reports involve our troops within them. For the following reasons, Cloudy has been selected! Congrats again on Reporter of the month Cloudy!:IWSalute: Keep on Writing!

Make sure to congratulate these 5 amazing Ice Warriors in the Main Chat! As for the rest of you, incredible Ice Warriors make sure to keep working hard and attend events. You could be the next TOTW, SMOTW, ROTW, or ROTM. If you ever need any tips or advice feel free to reach out to a Leader/LIT. I promise we don’t bite. Let’s make Ice Warriors the number 1 army of November!:CrisySalute::iw_scribble_heart::DrQueenBang~1:

:tl1SparklesBlue:Ice Family Forever!:tl1SparklesBlue:


Ice Warriors Leader in Training

:pinkheart2:Live Life from one high to another :pinkheart2:


Ice Warriors Leader

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