Q&A: What’s up with these firstborns?

Good morning Ice Warriors

Happy November! I can’t believe we are only a month and a half from Christmas! Time to put up those decorations! But hold up, what’s this I hear? DrQueen started a new trend? Although I don’t believe eating people’s firstborn children should be considered a new trend… Let’s dive right into this week’s Q&A!

Spooky scary Ice Warriors, send shivers down your spine! Let’s see what our fellow Ice Warriors dressed up as for Halloween!

Soo, Halloween was on Sunday, what did you dress up like?

Crisy: I dressed up as a vampire!:VampirePanda:

Blueraven: I wore a Nemo hat and wore orange and white

Dave: Halloween is not celebrated in my country much, but if it was then I’d wear a flash costume!

Erza: I did not dress up this year, but if I were to I would love to wear a Kimono(Japanese attire) with a high bun, and then a scary white make up of course is required hehehheh.

Now don’t get me wrong, Halloween is fun, but what about eating firstborns? Let’s see what everyone thinks about DrQueen’s new hobby!

What are your thoughts on DrQueen threatening to eat firstborns?

Link3000: Well, I don’t endorse that kind of behavior unless she’s maybe talking about chicken, in which case you do you queen

That chicken is the firstborn, so DrQueen is going to eat it.

Levelz: I support, I think DRQUEEN eating firstborns is a good way to encourage people to do things they should :nrdDrQueen: As it is her right to do so :DrQueenBang:

Chezy: I’m mad and jealous she didn’t invite me, I wanted her to share, I thought we were close

Chezy is sad that DrQueen won’t share.

You know, most people love their children, so when someone comes in threatening to EAT your firstborn child, you might get scared! So, I asked some of my friends if they got scared if DrQueen was going to eat their firstborn!

Are you afraid that DrQueen will eat your firstborn?

Frickle: No. I would be more scared if it was ur mom eating my firstborn. xd xd hahah!!! … why would Drqueen eat my firstborn when she can eat the potatoes instead…. or she could throw potatoes at my firstborn as well….. that’s sus xd xd hahaha !!

Purple: To be honest, I’m not afraid since we’re married like she can’t eat her own child you know…

Chevy: No of course not! Even if she was going to then good because Blueraven is a PAIN (just kidding blue if you’re reading this… not.) Okay, let’s get real, DrQueen is not that scary. I would be PROUD if she ate my kid bro. So, in short, I am not afraid of DrQueen eating my firstborn. It’s better than beating me to death that hurt!

Chevy asking DrQueen to eat Blueraven? What a horrible mother!

Good news, your firstborn child is safe! We should be more worried about Chevy’s parenting skills… Anyway, let’s finish off by seeing what DrQueen has to say about this subject!

Why did you decide to begin eating firstborns? Will this be one of the DrQueen trends now?

DrQueen: Well one, I have not once eaten a firstborn. I threaten to do so due to the fact when I lead events with my fellow Leaders, LoudQueen and Kally, troops don’t get in formation. Once I say, “Get in formation or else I eat your firstborn,” or “Log on or else I eat your firstborn,” people tend to do it because they get scared :approve: After all, it is Halloween so a little scare from the Scary ghost of DrQueen/AliaTano was what I was trying to aim for LOL. I don’t consider this a trend since I’ve said this like twice but could be just a Halloween thing :DEAD:

There you have it! Your firstborn will be safe! However, if you don’t attend our next event then maybe you should look out because DrQueen isn’t the one you should be scared of. No, no. There are worst things, like Iceyfeet! Thank you for reading this spooky edition of Q&A! Hope you tune into IWNC next time and don’t forget…

React in #event-information or I eat your firstborn! 

Editors Note: DrQueen is not scary and is not actually going to eat your firstborn. 

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  1. She’ll not eat my firstborn cause I’m single ahah!


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