Sunday Funday #14 (The Spooky Edition)

Happy Sunday, Ice Warriors! I hope you all are having a fantastic day so far. It’s time we start the new week strong and kick off Halloween with a bang, so I present to you the 14th edition of Sunday Funday, a spooky edition!

If you’ve never heard of Sunday Funday before let me explain how it works. Every week, a new post will be published in which you can play fun (and sometimes challenging) games and earn snowflakes❄️. You’ll see various games, and as for this one, some of the games may be Halloween-themed! Now, no more waiting- let’s get right into this edition’s games!

To start off, we have a crossword puzzle. There are 12 words total, each of which are names of IW Staff/HCOM/Leaders that need to be discovered. You’ll determine each one of them with the given clues below with the clues each representing the name of a custom role. Do you know them all?

Second on the list, we have Spot the Difference. Below is an event picture from Fright-or-Fight of last year portrayed in 2 images? Can you spot the 5 differences?

Click to enlarge

Up next is a spooky maze puzzle. Work your way through the maze, but don’t run into any moons. Doing so will leave you stuck in an endless Halloween night surrounded by monsters. Best of luck!

Finally, we have Where’s Waldo, but Ice Warriors! Some people in the Ice Warriors have a fondness for being quite sneaky and difficult to find. Try to find each of the requested Ice Warriors members. Good luck with this one!

Can you spot Leader Kally in this picture? (Username: Kallyuwu)

Click to enlarge

Can you spot Trusted Staff Clindsz in this picture? (Username: singonvc)


Click to enlarge

Thanks for reading this spooky edition of Sunday Funday. Are you able to complete all of the games? If yes, make sure to send your answers to either TheNathanBoy#1234 or josh⚡️#5667, and you can earn snowflakes! Happy Halloween Ice Warriors, and remember…

Don’t Freeze Up!

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