Weekly Recap: October 24th-October 30th 20201

Happy Halloween, Ghost Warriors!

This week was our Halloween takeover Week! We spent the majority of the week showing off our spooky side of Ice Warriors with our maze events, trick-or-treat events, costume events, and showing off our spooky tactics! As October approaches its end, you may wonder…..What’s next for IW? Simple. It’s time to prepare for the holidays! We have so many holidays coming up for many folks around the globe. We aim to celebrate and appreciate all holidays around us. As sooner or later, Christmas Chaos will be here sooner than you think! It’s time to start getting mentally prepared to bring up that Win for IW. Alright, enough talking DrQueen lets jump into this week’s recap!


Congrats to Ice Warriors for placing #1 on the Top 10 Board in CPAN!

Congrats to Kim on her promotion to Full Staff!

Congrats to Aiga on her promotion to Staff!


Event Recap

Spooky Character Takeover

AUSIA – Oct 24th

Max: 35

Ghost Raid

EU/US – Oct 24th

Max: 31

Cornmaze Escape + PB vs ACP

EU/US – Oct 26th

Max: 28

Night of the Living Sled

EU/US – Oct 27th

Max: 26

AUSIA Cornmaze + Trick or Treating

EU/US – Oct 28th

Max: 32

Halloween Costume Count

EU/US – Oct 30th

Max: 38

There you have it! We hope you enjoyed the rest of the Halloween-themed week! Next week we will be a much relaxed and chilled back week as the server will return to normal! Until then…

:redheart: TPWK  :redheart:
:blueheart: Love Yourself :blueheart:
:pinkheart2:Live Life from one high to another :pinkheart2:


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