Fan Art Friday #45

Hello hello Ice Warriors!

Hope you all are having a fabulous Sunday. The end of the week is near, and as the rain goes away the sun comes back out with a new and dry edition of Fan Art Friday. This cool print features some of the coolest artists in IW, and dives deeper into the process of creating these awesome pieces.

The first artwork we have was made by our CorporalDevastating_Cat! This piece shows an immense amount of detail, and the anatomy was exquisite.

Penguin: I loved the character that you chose. What was your inspiration for this piece?

Devastating_Cat: I saw a video on youtube of someone drawing mha and so I made one of mha. I also posted the one that isn’t edited and stuff so yeah.

Next up, we have an amazing creation put together by our MarshalToony! The shading on the piece is really nice and I love the patterns on the shirt. 

Penguin: I know you’re not fully done with this piece yet, but what thoughts/emotions were you trying to convey with this drawing?

Toony: That drawing is just mostly based on simplicity and just trying a new form of art style I liked so I honestly dont know what I’m actually trying to convey with the drawing I made.

The next drawing we have was made by our Corporal First ClassPixeldavie! The piece has so much detail and little designs that contribute so much. The character looks super dynamic and there’s a lot of emotion being conveyed through its pose. 

The final artwork is truly a masterpiece and I know all of your minds will be blown. It was made by our world-renowned staff member, Glitter

Penguin: I know you put a lot of time and effort into this piece, can you describe to me the thought process and what you used to make it?

Glitter: This took months days and I got it from calling icequeen smelly and noob and she stinks I mostly just insulted her during the process. I used ibis paint. 

Alrighty folks, that will finish off this week’s Fan Art Friday. If you want your art to be featured in a future article, make sure to post them in the #fan-art channel. Don’t forget to attend our upcoming spooky CPR events for some fun surprises and rewards! Halloween is coming up so be sure to brush your teeth good after eating all those treats. Other than that, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and most importantly…

Dont Freeze Up!


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