A Slav was born

A long time ago, far away in the Lands of SubZero, was a child. Not just any child, but an extraordinary one. She was left on the doorsteps of the Ice Warriors HQ and hence, Iceyfeet took her in and named her Kally. She met with her youngest annoying and loud sister, IceQueen1020, and her Oldest sister, DrQueen, and together they ruled the land of Subzero.

We all know Kally, the Ladder  Leader of Ice Warriors. However, she is more than that! To us, she is a friend, a sister, a professional Fortnite player, a mother (#AvocadoFam) but most of all, she is a chip. Today is special for one reason, only because It’s Kally’s birthday. We know you didn’t want a birthday server, you didn’t want us to go all out, but we love you, a lot! However, even tho every day is love/Appreciate Kally day, today the Ice Warriors/Army Community wanted to give you some extra love for your birthday. Enjoy the love, the messages, the spam, the pictures and the exposes uwu.

Birthday Messages

happy birthday Kally, even though we rarely talk in dms anymore, thanks for the min-scolding that I got from you when I was still new to the staff. now here I am as a trusted staff in IW. ~ Crazyflame


happy bday kally!!!! uhh ur mom! ur cool!!! Hehe… ~ Mogi

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMAZING LADDER!!! Remember to have an epicly AMAZING day with some cake or maybe burnt bagels? maybe? but either way, happy bday! ~ Msflimflam

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KALLY,  you are such an amazing leader and even though I never got the blessing to marry chevy, I STILL LOVE YOU. I hope to make so many more memories in the future. happy birthdayy ~ Melonz

Happy birthday Kally! I will forever haunt you will “ur mom” jokes and for the future, I am DrQueen I hope you have an awesome birthday! Eat lots of cake but not too much because you need room for the Brita Filter water. ~.penguin

Happy birthday kally, you’re like the best leader ever (no offense Iceq) thank you for volunteering to be my friend, if you like Tyler the creator let’s have a Tyler the creator listening party and drink white claws ~ Amethyst

kallyyyyyyy happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day!! ~ Onyx

happy birthday kally !! 🤍 i hope today is so amazing for u :Party: ur a great leader + friend :stankally: and u deserve to have the best birthday ever!! i remember cpah reporting :OOP: and how u girlbossed ur way through it and never let anyone mistreat u, and from then i saw how u would never let anyone walk over u, which is rly admirable ! u have such a strong character, which is rly inspiring ❤ throughout my time in iw, u’ve always made it a better place to be, like with ur mc events earlier in the year, like the trivia one where i couldnt open doors LOL 💀 and staff jackboxes r always sm fun thanks to u! 🙂 leading events with u is the best, ur tactics r always hilarious and ur speedy af :weariest: love u kally, i hope today is so so so so great for u!!!!🤍🤍 ~ Kristina

Hey Mama Kally!! Happiest of birthdayssss!!! ❤ Thank you for being such an amazing person, being so chill with everyone and everything, from letting me in on avocado family and being a great person to look up to :Abihearts: Make sure to enjoy ur birthday this year with family and friends! Don’t let Icey keep u as a slave on ur day :sus: Talk to u soon and TPWK :kally~1: ❤ – Your Angel daughter, Abi

Happy Birthday, Kally!!!! Hope you have a great day and eat lots of cake ~ Alucard

Happy Birthday Kally :KallySalute: , I really hope that you’re having a great day. You’re one of the best people I met in ice warriors.I’m so glad to being able to call you “mom”. I literally love you so much I cannot wait to make more memories with you like this screenshot mom and daughter moment uwu. Anyways Kals or kally or mom lmao thank you for everything you’ve done to me. I really appreciate you. Keep being the great person you are and Happy Birthday again. #AvocadoFamilyForever 🥑 :greenheart: :whiteheart: ~ Purple

Happy birthday Kally!!!! I hope you have a lovely day and enjoy it so much. Eat lots of cake for us and drink on!!! ~ Mare

Helloouuu👋 kally, I wanted to with you a merry christmas jk , a happy birthday. this is your day i hope it to be one of the best day in your life.:EH: have the best cake you can and enjoy yourself and your day, gather the best memories and may all your wishes come true Thanks for everything and all the hardwork you give to IW:KallySalute: , enjoy this day at its fullest. it’s yours, you deserve it Believe in you cauz your are amaizing and perfect, once more happy birthday call y :hy_Cake: ~ Giro

Happy birthday Kally!!! Hope its a great one thanks for being a great friend. Donda ~ Aaron

Happy birthday Kally! I was going to make you breakfast but I don’t think you’d like my cooking 👺 I could not wish for a better mother in IW even though you do bully me all the time smh and also you have bad opinions on peanut butter which is kinda messed up tbh! Ily a lot and can’t wait to bully you even more in the future, you get one day off because of your birthday because I’m such a good daughter ❤️ Happy birthday to the best ladder in the world, eat tons of cake and whatever fun stuff old people do just don’t break your back or something that would be bad. ~ Chevy

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KALLY! :Party: Oh wow now finally you are old too! You really need to start watching out with the beverages, your liver is not young anymore! Have an amazing day, because you deserve it. You do so much for this random army of Penguins and you have become a friend to so many people, including me. I sent you some oatmeal soup to enjoy on your Birthday, but it might have gotten stuck somewhere in the Brit world. I bet the Brits though it was amazing so they didn’t save any for you. Eat cake and loads of food (but not the dishes in BIA prison, cause then you will spend your day on the toilet, taking advice from Staff in toilet. I love having you around iw and I loved climbing through the ranks with you, through all the hard and good times. Today only you are allowed to show some Irish spirit with those pints, but don’t end up sleeping in some bush. If you ever feel lonely, remember that you have 20.000 people to stand behind you and even if we can’t celebrate in person, we can just celebrate here. Cheers to being born in the best year ever and Happy Birthday again! 🍻 ~ Law

happy birthday Kally! I wish u everything the best and good luck whatever u gonna do!! we love you so much, keep doing the best things in ur life:hugs: :tlwHeart_Yellow: :zzmilkcake~1: ~ Livia

Hiya Kally, I hope you have an amazing birthday today!! You are one of the leaders I often think of most when it comes to being super independent. I can remember the day you got promoted to Leader, which was in fact close to the day I had gotten to Trusted Staff. From your 6 months of leading IW, you’ve been doing amazing. I look up to you quite a lot, and I appreciate you so much. Enjoy today like it’s the best day to have!! :tlwHeart_Blue: :tlwHeart_Red: :tlwHeart_Green: :tlwHeart_Yellow: ~ Josh

happy birthday kally!! ilysm and I’m so glad to be in IW alongside you, have an amazing birthday ily and eat lots of good food! ~ Maya

Happy birthday qt pie uwu. I hope you have the most amazing day ever you deserve the absolute world today, it’s such a pleasure getting to be staff with one of the coolest people in cp armies. You’re amazing, sweet,caring, kind and loving. I love you so much and thank you for being one of my closest friends  and for making my time in armies the best. I’m so glad I met such a great person like you ❤.have the best day ever Kally Wally pie. ~ Ranch Dressing

happy birthday kally!! you’re an amazing leader and an amazing person :). thanks for all the work you put into iw, and i hope you have an amazing birthday, you deserve it. happy birthday! ~ qtBen


HAPPY BIRTHDAY KALLY U AVOCADO QUEEN I hope you have an amazing day bc ur such a fun leader and its fun playing MC with you even tho its been a while! Ty for everything youve done for IW even tho sometimes we dont always get along love u so much i hope u eat lots of avocado toast (hopefully not cooked by icey) and have lots of apple juice to celebrate today ~ Subster


Happy bday Kally! Thank you for all of your hard work and your help with IW! youve impacted my life so much and seeing you makes me feel happy and just overall seeing u in chat. love you! ~ Goul

KAAALLLLLYYYYYYY :wiggle: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR IRL HARLEY QUINN :redheartexplode: :partyblob: :blackheartexplode: I’m so happy that today is your birthday :redhearts: I’ve had so much joy working with you, getting to know you, and having fun alongside you in events! :zrmmhug: I hope you get the VERY BEST cake 🍰 , and EVERY SINGLE PRESENT that you wanted! :zv4milkpresent: :SparkleStars: NOW GO ENJOY YOUR SPECIAL DAY AND REMEMBER TO PARTAAAYYYYY ~Ash


Ur mom kally and happy bday rawr ~ Glitter

Happy birthday Kally!!!! ~ From Tubbette aka Al!

Happy birthday Kally! Have a great day and forget about IW cos you’re working your butt off girl ~ Delighted

HAPPY BDAY KALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Ty for everything you do for IW, in IWNC, help our monthly events to happen, and even more behind the scenes in the leaders lounge! I hope you have an amazing birthday! ~ Nathan

Happy birthday Kally!  You are an awesome leader and I hope you the best of wishes! ~ Lime

Happy birthday kally!! Its safe to say that ive known u for quite a while- since last april to be specific! Hard to believe that so much time has passed and youve grown to become this amazing leader thats done many awesome things for IW. Im glad i got the chance to work with u in things like iwnc- esp since were both english geeks LOL. Hope u have an amazing day today and party hard! ~ Snow

Hello Kally, today marks the day where you’ve survived for yet another 365 days (new high score) and you are now an older boomer! I remember wishing you for your birthday a year ago, and it surprises me how quick time passes by. You’re a great leader and person, and an even better friend, you cheese-loving weirdo. Hope you enjoy your day (bet ur gonna have cheesecake) and have fun. Happy birthday Kally! ~ Diwix

Happy birthday to Water Bottle ~ Timothy

Happy birthday Kally the one that I always think is purple 😃🥳 ~ Yoni
Happy birthday Kally!!Hope you had an amazing birthday! Be as great and cool as you always have been!! ~Aiga





IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY! ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY KALLY! ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY YAYAYAYAY :yayblue: WHO OTHER THAN ICEQUEEN OFCOURSE IS SHOUTING RIGHT NOW XD. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR WIFEY KALLY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU XOXO :TT_kissmwa: Okay, I think that’s enough yelling lmao. So hmm where do I start, first of all, Happy birthday again Miss Communist Mama :Elmo: , just know you also call yourself ‘Royal Thighness’ so therefore royalty, the monarchy and Queen blood also run in your veins but you just don’t want to acknowledge it :3. Please spare me for saying that, it’s your birthday! :OOP: There is alot I would like to say but not enough space :screams~2:, a whole year has gone by and what a rollercoaster its been, what have you Avocados done to me? I gotta keep it pg-13 so I can’t swear in this message smh. I first spoke to you properly during HBA, no one can say anything but I loved the hubba hubba uniform esp the wings, fast forward and we’re leading Water Ninjas breaking records on the TT and making history :waterninja: , working for hours on end and hosting so many epic events for Ice Warriors :iwsalute:, paving the path for alot of the newer staff responsibilities which has become like more or less like a routine now, fooling around on a daily basis with DrQueen:DrQpotatoheart~2: , Freedomist :freedomist: and Levelz :pikalove: . Kally, I cannot imagine what my my past year would have been like if I didn’t meet you and you now being one of my bestest of friends. I love you so much :kally~1: and I wish you all the happiness in the world and I hope this next year brings you even more happiness and love from all your friends, family and cherished ones. I hope to celebrate your birthday next year and the year after that and after that and forever 😁. Eat loads of cake :bdaycake: and whiteclaws, have loads of fun and I know Law goes on about this but please do take care of your liver lmao. Happy birthday again! :stankally: :tlwHeart_Blue: :whiteheartexplode: Lots of love ~ IceQueen ❤ :tlwHeartsBlue~1::elsa::GlowHeart::gif_crown: :ARparty:
Привет товарищ, с днём рождения:biasalute: Congratulations on surviving this past year, lets make this next one even better да? It’s been an honour working with you my slav and I’m glad to have had that opportunity, you are truly the best comrade ever and I can always count on you to help me overthrow the queens. In all seriousness, thank you for all the laughs and incredible memories you’ve given me from trolling each other on alts to dumb vcs to meeting weird people in random servers it’s been an unforgettable time. Can’t forget the role you played in that legendary WN leadership team my commie duo, it was so much fun and one hell of an experience – especially with all we managed to achieve. You have also achieved so much individually being both a Water Ninja leader and Ice Warriors leader, even being a Water Ninjas champion and Ice Warriors icon; you deserve all the individual accolades, only thing left is army legend now which I know you can achieve. Once more thank you for everything brita filter lady. Good luck in life for life and I’m sure you know how to enjoy your birthday :e7: :freedomist: :Party: :AweParty: Image ~ Freedomist
Hewwo again Kally and happy birthday!! :3 You are old now 😮 tho u were old before anyways ;p (I’m joke no mad pls uwu) Is gonna be like end of the day by the time u see dis so I hope your day so far has been good and hope you enjoyed your birthday 🙂 I remember we first started talking in IW main chat when I was a troop and we talked so much in the mornings cus I woke up super early lol it was nice :p I had no idea back then that we’d become such good friends :3 I remember thinking like nah she’s an LiT there’s no way lol. I think we really became friends in like December and from then we’ve been through sooo much together it’s actually like so crazy jus going back and thinking about everything :pikalove: Over the past months (almost a whole year soon!!) we’ve had so much fun from jus talking to playing games and doing dumb stuff together and we’ve made so many memories :kallylove: I never thought I would have found my best friend in some club penguin community Icey invited me too 😭 Thank you for sticking with me through everything and being my friend and making my life so much better, every day 🙂 I’m so glad that I was able to celebrate your bday today with you, ty for giving me your time today <3, and am looking forward to celebrating more bdays with you again in years to come to :3 ilysm kally :Pika1::Pika2: ~ Levelz
-drinks alcohol- ok. :kermit: So like, when I was driving home from Uni today I knew exactly what I wanted to say, but now I don’t. Because bro, there’s so many memories and things we have been through together it’s like WHERE DO YOU START.  Well. To my Best Friend/partner in Crime, Happy freaking Birthday you badass Woman. I would have not expected our friendship to bloom this much, to even being as close as sisters. :love_aaa: Im grateful to have led Water Ninjas with you, alongside LoudMouth and the other Slav, as you taught me a lot the ways of being a leader and how to lead. Even tho it was a short three months, it was the best damn 3 months of my entire army experience because I got to do it with you and grow with you. :WNCP: Thank you for being my therapist on the days that Im low, and thank you for just being there even when I just need someone on my side, AND THANK YOU FOR BEING THE ONLY ONE WHO ADMIRES MY FORTNITE BUTT. You have honestly been such a true friend. Everything you do in real life and IW, you do it with your head high, and I couldn’t be prouder of everything you have done :redheart: Soon to be IW Legend? I sure freaking hope so. I will always cherish our good morning texts to each other, our fortnite days with Avo and just the random VCs. Heres to many more memories and to leading a golden era of IW. Love you :Cheers~1: :kith: Kith Kith Hug Hug you mah sugarboo ~ DocksQueen

Family Forever

The IW Admin Team wants to thank everyone who helped make this article special for Kally. We Love you (ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT U DAMN SLAV)
Happy Birthday Kally ❤
:redheart: TPWK :redheart:

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