Fan Art Friday #53

Hello Ice Warriors!

Who’s having a great day? Hopefully I am at the time this is getting released! There are so many great things happening this weekend. The IW Olympics, the Ausia Arena tournament and so much more! Let’s celebrate this Friday with some amazing art by you guys! If you want to be featured in future Fan Art Friday articles, then make sure to get your pencils and papers and get drawing! After all, we are all artists in our own ways. Continue reading

Fan Art Friday #47

Hello Ice Warriors!

I hope you all are having a wonderful week. The start to the weekend is a very exciting time, and what better way to start it than a new version of Fan Art Friday! This article features some of the most talented warriors, and showcases their artwork. Now enough waiting, let’s get to it!

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Fan Art Friday #45

Hello hello Ice Warriors!

Hope you all are having a fabulous Sunday. The end of the week is near, and as the rain goes away the sun comes back out with a new and dry edition of Fan Art Friday. This cool print features some of the coolest artists in IW, and dives deeper into the process of creating these awesome pieces.

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Fan Art Friday #40

Hello Ice Warrior

To end the week on a good note, get ready for this week’s Fan Art Friday!! As always we have so many amazing artists in IW, it’s hard to choose just one! Keep reading to see what these artists have made, and also get into the minds of the artist. Continue reading

Q&A: More Varieties in Ice

Hello hello Ice Warriors!!

I hope your start to the week has gone well. A previous Q&A had gone over some of our most important types of IW events, but what about our other events? I mean those types of events that are generally more for fun but nonetheless still have importance. Today, I went around asking people what they think of these events and overall seeing how each of them is unique, so let’s get to it.

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