Fan Art Friday #40

Hello Ice Warrior

To end the week on a good note, get ready for this week’s Fan Art Friday!! As always we have so many amazing artists in IW, it’s hard to choose just one! Keep reading to see what these artists have made, and also get into the minds of the artist.

For our first artwork, we have an amazing drawing from our Lieutenant, Sebzy.

Purple: Hey there, The art you posted looks really nice, what program did you use for it?

Sebzy: I used paint 3D.


For the second Art, we have an amazing piece made by our Corporal First Class, Sky Pupperz 

Purple: Hello, I really liked the piece you made, its pretty original what was your inspiration for this artwork?

Sky Pupperz: Well, the drawing was supposed to be inspired by Asriel Dreemurr from Undertale since I had an idea of drawing my favorite character, Sadness from Inside Out as Asriel.


The third artwork is from our Marshal, Toony

PurpleHi Toony, How long does it take you to finish your drawing? It’s really cute I like it.

Toony: Like maybe 2 or 3 days

Purple: Hi Et3rnal, your piece is really cute, what was your inspiration?

Et3rnal: The story and inspiration behind my drawing are that Melonz, Emmauttir, and I went to McDonald’s together last weekend. They are both amazing friends so I just wanted to draw this so that we can remember the fun we had eating together. We ordered lots of food, including 80 chicken nuggets. :XD: The process took about 3 and a half weeks to complete this masterpiece, and I think I did an amazing job if I do say so myself. :iw_scribble_heart:


And that is all for our Fan Art Friday, if you want your work to be featured in the next article make sure to post it in #Fan-art channel in our discord.
Until then…


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