Weekly Recap: September 19th, 2021-September 25th, 2021

Hey there Ice Warriors!

It’s your favorite Queen’s Duo again! (DrQueen & LoudQueen). This week was a very exciting week and defiantly a much bigger improvement from last week! Let’s take a look at all the exciting events that occurred this week!

First of all, let’s congratulate the following people on their promotions for this week:

Promotion to Staff in Training: K, Eterny & Saber_Tooth_Rat

Promotion to Staff: Jay

Promotion to Trusted Staff: Snow & CrazyFlame

Let’s jump right into this week’s events.

Farm Animals Takeover


Max: 44



Max: 26

Training + Hide & Seek


Max: 27

PB vs ACP + Pizzatron


Max: 25

PB vs WV


Max: 25

Under the Sea Takeover Event


Max: 37

25th septThat’s all for now folks! Definitely, the spooky season is arising and the Ice Warriors team is very excited to present you the spooky plans we have planned for yall!

Live life from one high to another and Love yourself ❤ 

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