The Takeover of Kitty Warriors

Good day to you all Ice Warriors! It is that day of the first week, Sunday! Wishing everyone a good weekend and giving luck to everyone having school tomorrow. As we set that aside, today, Cloudy, Real, and Nathan will be telling you guys about the recent weeks of leaders, staff, and troops changing nicknames to Kitty :0. Want to know further about what happened and see our Q&A with one of the kitties? Click to read more!

At nighttime, the Kitten Tamer (DrQueen) calls all the kittens for a nightly roll call. She calls each kitty up, and they are to meow in response. It all started around the last 2 weeks, the staffs of Ice Warriors start to have their name Kitty #n (especially Kitty #pickle), over the next few hours or maybe days after it started, troops also have their name as a kitty. As it started to go higher, more than 10 kitties were estimated!

Through all of the drama happening between the Army of DrQueens, and the Elsa Warriors, the family of kittens always seems to have each other’s back. We had interviewed one of the Kitties, Kitty #3 (IceQueen) asking her more about this kitty takeover that is interviewed by Real! 

Real: Hello IceQueen, Kitty#3 thanks for accepting my interview. How did this kitty thing come up?

IceQueen: Meowww. So.. the kitty thing came up out of nowhere. One day, we all just decided to transform into kitty warriors.

Real: Who started this whole thing and why?

IceQueen: If I do expose this, that would be telling a secret. Meow. Let’s just say that we had a kitten tamer (DrQueen) and she decided to form a kitten role call to summon all IW kitties. Meow. kitty#1 (Kally), kitty#2 (Levelz), kitty#3 (IceQueen) & kitty#4 (Freedomist and Kristina) then appeared, and suddenly many more IW staff and troops got transported into the kitty world. Meow.

Real: Does this come from Hello Kitty or Kitty like a cat?

IceQueen: It comes from a kitty, like a kitten/a cat.

Real: Is there anything else you would like to add here?

IceQueen: Meowww, watch IW turn into kitty warriors doe. :IWwaiting:

That is all from us about the Kitty Warriors 🐱that rises unexpectedly in IW! Wonder what will happen next, take over the whole community?! What warriors will come out next? So far we have had Army of DrQueen, Elsa Warriors, and now Kitty warriors! Comment below on what YOU think the next warriors will be. Lastly, don’t forget to react and attend the latest events coming up soon #events-information! and for now, 

Dont Freeze Up!

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