Sunday Funday #9

Hey Ice Warriors! First off, I hope you’ve all managed to have a fantastic week! As we’re already starting to approach the end of September, we thought it’d be nice to present you guys with another edition of Sunday Funday! For those that haven’t played before, Sunday Fundays are pretty much a collection of fun games put together for you guys to play and enjoy. If you guys successfully complete these activities, you can earn Snowflakes! You can then use these to buy some incredible roles on the IW Discord’s shop channel or save up to look rich on the IW leaderboard. Enough rambling from us. Let’s dive right into this week’s games!

First up is a word search. This one is based on custom roles among the Ice Warriors Staff and Leaders. 12 role names can be found. How fast can you find them all?

To continue the fun, you guys need to unscramble the following words! Remember to take all the letters into account!

1. gilht uleb
2. rticecpa tleltab
3. fyeictee
4. dnuegonurd olpo

For our last game, we’ll be playing Where’s Waldo (staff edition). See if you’re able to find the requested staff or trusted staff member in each event picture! Good luck to everyone that’s participating!
Try see if you can find our Staff member, Penguin, in this picture! (CPR username: Penguin IW

That’s it for today! Make sure to DM your answers to either josh⚡#5667, kristina#4444, or snow the 2nd#7669 to receive your snowflakes! Enjoy the start of a new week, and don’t freeze up! ❤


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