Meme Monday: The Battle of the Queens Continues….

Happy Monday y’all! Hope everyone is okay this week as Monday is starting already. And as you might know or not, every Monday we have a weekly article called Meme Monday! We will be reviewing some of the latest memes posted at #iw-memes by our beloved troops and staff. :iwsalute: But since we couldn’t have one last week, I’ll be reviewing some of the memes from the previous 2 weeks! So… let’s get started with the first meme!

First up, we have two memes regarding a declaration of war made by a Corporal, LNSPG. He declared it between the army of DrQueen and Elsa Warriors. What’s the cause of his motive? Let’s interview him to know further!

Cloudy: So, LNSPG, when did you start to think about wanting to have a war between DrQueen and IceQueen? Do you think you have the experience to do that?

LNSPG: Literally, when I came to knew, they declared war. And I don’t think I have the experience to do this. However, my friend has been playing CPR for many years, and he has a lot of experience, so I’ll learn from him! Also, I understand that DrQueen vs. IceQueen is a joke, and even me declaring war is a kind of joke.

Caption: A meme created by Hiro

I also asked Hiro and Piya regarding this:

Cloudy: Do you think LNSPG declaring should not happen, or curious about what will happen?

Hiro: Hmm, I’m curious as to what will happen to LNSPG. It’ll be cool to see them fighting it out. Maybe he should not declare war Against 2 IW Leaders. (Just saying) 

Piya: Tbh I’m really curious bc LNSPG declared so sudden, and it’ll be kind of interesting to see how he, as a new riser, will fight both the strong armies( Elsa and Dr.Q Warriors)

Next up is a meme made by our Head Colonel, Jevil! He made a meme about Kristina’s name and Cristiano Ronaldo together, which became Kristiano Ronaldo. How hilarious! Jevil also made Kristina as a Granny that becomes Kristina Granny. I wonder why’s that? 🧐

Cloudy: Why did you name Kristina as Kristiano Ronaldo and Kristina Granny?

Jevil: Idk just for fun

The third meme is made by our Commander Officer, Hiro! He made a meme on how the #iw-memes is dying, WHICH IS NOT TRUE! IW memes will stay strong as the community is :buffle~3:. Stay strong-meme makers!

Last but not least is a meme made by our Brigadier General, Real! She gave us a post of proof that IceQueen is a chad, and I would agree she is one of the chaddest of the chad :cool~6:.

That is all from this week’s meme Monday. A lot of things did happen in the last 2 weeks in #iw-memes XD. Want to be featured in the next meme Monday? Don’t forget to post your best posts of CP/IW-related memes in the #iw-memes! As usual, don’t forget to react and attend to the events coming up #events-information! Peace out!

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