Meme Monday: The Battle of the Queens Continues….

Happy Monday y’all! Hope everyone is okay this week as Monday is starting already. And as you might know or not, every Monday we have a weekly article called Meme Monday! We will be reviewing some of the latest memes posted at #iw-memes by our beloved troops and staff. :iwsalute: But since we couldn’t have one last week, I’ll be reviewing some of the memes from the previous 2 weeks! So… let’s get started with the first meme!

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Meme Monday: Novelty Memes 👀

Howdy Ice Warriors! Today we go on a trip into the past…. because today we will be revisiting Novelty Memes!! So buckle up your seat belts cause you’re in for a ride!

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Meme Monday: What has Levelz done to us?

Hewwo Ice Warriors!

I hope you all are having an amazing Monday and a great start to the week! Have you noticed a lot of staff members and troops using the terms “ur mom” or “no problem?” For this week’s edition of Meme Monday, we’ll be diving deep into these two very popular memes that both originated from Second in Command, Levelz. Let’s go! Continue reading

MEME MONDAY: Why is DrQueen beating us to death, and is that illegal?

What’s up friends? I strongly hope you are ready for this Meme Monday because this isn’t just your regular Meme Monday. This post will also be an investigation into a controversial topic that wasn’t controversial until I said it was. You see, our Ice DJ, DrQueen, has started beating our troops and staff to death, but is this legal? Should DrQueen be sent to the IW Prison for this? In this post, we’ll find the answer just to that question.

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Meme Monday: Got Kicked During Legends Cup?!

Good day to you all Ice Warriors!

Hoping everyone is having a good start to a new week and a new day for all of us! As you may all know every Monday, we have a weekly article called Meme Monday! I will be reviewing some of the memes that you guys posted and shared in #iw-memes, and it maybe could help you catch up on what’s going on in the main chat and events in IW. I’ll also be questioning the owners of those memes to have more depth on what does the picture meant. So… let’s jump right in and have some Meme :clap: Review :clap:

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Meme Monday: Is #iw-memes replacing #main-chat?

Hello there Ice Warriors! Today we have another Meme Monday article! After that LXCI tournament, I’d like to thank all of our staff and troops for all of the hard work they did. Thank you to everyone who participated and helped us through that chaotic battle! Now without further ado, let’s start this week’s Meme Monday post and see where it takes us!

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Meme Monday: Has the Quack Army found a challenger?

Hello, there fellow Ice Warriors! Today we are back with another Meme Monday post! This week has flown by with all our super events and I just want to thank all of you for attending all (if not most) of the events! But without further ado let’s start this edition of Meme Monday! Continue reading

Meme Monday: A new subdivision??

Hello everyone! Yes, yes, it’s time for another Meme Monday. Last week was full of events super events that I hope you were able to attend! On a slightly lower note, who’s feeling sad and bored this Monday? Yeah.. *yawns* me too. But never fear, Meme Monday is now here! These memes were handpicked from the #iw-memes channel. Get ready to laugh!

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