Meme Monday: Is #iw-memes replacing #main-chat?

Hello there Ice Warriors! Today we have another Meme Monday article! After that LXCI tournament, I’d like to thank all of our staff and troops for all of the hard work they did. Thank you to everyone who participated and helped us through that chaotic battle! Now without further ado, let’s start this week’s Meme Monday post and see where it takes us!

To start off this post, we have a hilarious meme by our Staff Member ReddyRed!


IceQueen will like this…

SuperEvilSlayer17: So red do you really need snowflakes this bad?

ReddyRed: me broke

(Good answer, great answer even)

Next, we have a meme by another Staff member Hiro!

If you didn’t know, you actually get snowflakes for chatting in main!

: Do you think that someday #iw-memes will get used as chatting instead of posting memes?

Hiro: Hmm, It depends if Trusted Staff allows us to talk at #iw-memes.

Our next meme is by, you guessed it, Hiro:

SuperEvilSlayer17: Did this really happen? And if it did which Trusted Staff said that to you? 

Hiro: Ahhh, this one lmao. I got a dm by Subster that she said: Please do not send gifs or ss text message to talk in #iw memes channel? We always have to delete them. Just a reminder it’s for memes only.

The last meme for today is from our Head General, Suation!



Anddd… cut! Thank you to everyone for making our community more fun and wholesome with these memes! Which meme is your favorite? Comment below to let us know! If you would like a chance for your meme to be featured next time, make sure to post it in the #iw-memes channel in our Discord!

Look out for our future events!


Ice Warriors Staff Member


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  1. AWESOME!!




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