How to Prepare for Legends Cup XI

Hey Ice Warriors!

Today DelightedGOYAL, Et3rnal_Vo1d, Penguin, and Nathan are here with an informative post on how to prepare for Sunday’s upcoming Legends Cup Semi-Finals! If you have been living under a rock and have no clue what’s going on, then let us tell you.

The Ice Warriors are participating in a yearly tournament called the Legends Cup, and we are going to fight the Help Force this Sunday. Check out the #legends-cup channel for information regarding when it is and what you get for participating! This event will be one of the largest and laggiest but never fear because we are here to give you some tips on how to be prepared for battle and reduce said lag!

How to prepare for LCXI

Before we get started with lag reduction, you first need to learn how to prepare for this massive battle! One essential thing you can do in preparation for any battle, in general, is to attend our trainings. This will increase the speed of our tactics and help you memorize key components of how we battle. This includes anything from formations, to bombs, to even room switches. If for whatever reason you are not available to attend our practice battles or training events, you can still take a look at our #how-to-battle channel to at least be familiar with what we’ll be doing on Sunday.

The Ice Warriors demolish Help Force in the March Madness Semifinals

LCXI Uniform

Another crucial thing that you must do for Legends Cup is wear the appropriate uniform. Our previous uniform has been slightly altered for this battle due to both armies’ uniform’s being the same color, resulting in difficulty for the judges to determine members of either army in a past dispute.

For the Semi-finals of the tournament, we will wear the white penguin color. It is critical that you wear this color so you will be counted towards our maximum size. If possible, you will still need to wear the rest of our uniform, consisting of the Blue Letterman Jacket and Blue Sneakers found in the gift shop. The jacket is a hidden item in this month’s catalog, so you may refer to our #uniform channel for its location (you may need to scroll up). Please prioritize buying the Letterman Jacket over the sneakers. 

Ice Warriors’ official uniform for the Legends Cup XI Semifinals

Lag Reduction

Now, let’s get into lag reduction. This will be very important, as we want to achieve our maximum size. Disconnecting due to inactivity or lag may cost us the win! Let’s quickly go over the ways to reduce lag:

  • Join Event VC: This will help so that you don’t have to search for emotes and room switches. Also if you aren’t split-screen, it will help alert you when to go copy a new tactic. Event VC will appear about 30-40 minutes before the event starts.
  • Mute Ingame Music: This will help reduce extra lag caused by audio, and help you to hear the VC leaders better. This may also help you focus more on sending tactics. Follow the steps shown in the image below for a visual guide on how to do this.

Once in-game, follow these steps to disable all sound!

  • Hide Player Names: This is one of the biggest lag causes. Hiding player names will significantly reduce the number of extra items for your device to load. To turn these off, first go to settings (the question mark on the chat bar as shown in the image above). Although it won’t show you typing in the chat bar, while in settings type “hidenames” to hide all player names. Type this again to show them again.
  • Close Unnecessary Tabs and Applications: This may seem obvious, but sometimes you have more tabs open than you think! Just close any unneeded tabs you might have open and any applications you’re done with, to let your computer solely focus on CPR and Discord.
  • Use Split-Screen or a Second Device: Using split-screen means you have Club Penguin Rewritten on one side of your screen, and Discord on the other. This increases speed because you can see both tabs at the same time, causing the lag from switching tabs to be eliminated! If this is not possible, you may also join the VC and look for room switches from a second device.

This is what split-screen should look like!

  • Turn On Hardware Acceleration: Turning on Hardware Acceleration helps CPR run more efficiently when compared to software running normally on the General Processing Unit. To enable this, go to the settings in your browser. This option should be available on all major browsers such as Chrome.

Open your browser settings.

After this, type “Hardware” in the search bar. You should now be able to see the Hardware Acceleration option. Make sure this function is turned on. 

Seach for Hardware Acceleration and turn it on.

  • Install an Ad-Blocker: Another big factor that may cause you to lag are the ads shown on CPR‘s website. They are animated and can be distracting, especially while you are trying to focus on an important tournament. With an ad-blocker, you can fix that. Some browsers come with an ad-blocker pre-installed, such as Opera GX. An alternative to this option is to download one of the many ad-blockers offered by Google Chrome extensions. 

More info on lag reduction can be found here:

Everything that we have talked about will be essential for the upcoming battle. From muting in-game music to having a white penguin skin color, everything is crucial. Make sure to react in #legends-cup if you haven’t already!

There will be an exclusive role to obtain at the event, and a possibility of a 5x nitro giveaway if we reach our goal of 80+ penguins attending the event! Feel free to DM any staff member if you need help with anything mentioned above, or don’t have a Club Penguin Rewritten account! In the words of Swirl

If thou not attend thy legends event, DrQueen shall beat thou to death with her hammer :hammer: :pray:

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