Graphics Tournament: FINALS RESULTS!

Hey Ice Warriors!

Can you believe we have made it this far? The competition is already over! Let’s find out who took home the trophy!

Here are the final submissions!

Ben’s Submission

Ash’s Submission

Ash’s comment: TA DAAAAA ITS HERE!!!! My future in IW is (hopefully) me working my way up to being apart of IW Leadership :VibrateoDuck: :SparkleStars: And I thought, what would be a better way to show that than me hanging out with the leaders?

I came up with this cute concept of a race back to our Capitol, Sub Zero after a successful invasion on one of the other continents! between Law’s dragon (i made it the dragon from Spirited Away- the movie where her pfp is from! :chihirorun: :Haku: ) VS. IceQueen’s Elsa powers! :XmasBlobKittySnow: :elsa:

IceQueen is lowkey cheating by making it snow, to try and slow the dragon down, BUT Erick is throwing all of his homework to try and slow her down too. Law is controlling the dragon ofc, and you’re holding onto her like you’re riding a dang motorcycle instead of a dragon– I’m just vibing on my electric guitar watching all of this go down, and poor old Icey is just struggling to hang on :StupidPanda:

This piece also has a lot of references to my VERY FIRST entry in the competition! I used the Golden IW ornament I’d created for the girl’s crown, I re-used the same filter + I also used a similar snow gif! There is ofc a new gif in this, and its the one that occasionally shows up around me to make me stand out a little (but not too much!) I thought it’d be poetic to include the elements from my beginning entry in this contest in my finale piece :SparkeHeart:

Click to enlarge for detail!

BONUS FACT: the reason my letterman jacket is so small is bc its a cropped version, like the one I drew in the first contest I ever entered (and won) – Ash

…aaaaaand the winner iiiiiis ASH!

Congratulations Ash, you have been amazing in every single round of this tournament and this is a very well-deserved trophy! The judges didn’t have to think very long to hand over the trophy!

First place: Ash (Winner of 5000 snowflakes)

Second place: Ben (Winner of 2500 snowflakes)

Third place: Steph (Winner of 1000 snowflakes)

Here’s the final bracket with the winner:

Thank you to everybody who participated, it was an amazing competition and we saw some beautiful works of art! You can see all of the submissions under the GFX Contest tag on our website! See you another time, and as always!


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