Q&A: Movie Night Time

Hello Ice Warriors!
Another Tuesday, another Q&A! I hope you guys are vibing and relaxing after a busy week. Get some fresh air, and go chill and enjoy yourselves after all the hard work you put in last week. In today’s post, we will take a dive into one of our game events; Movie Nights. So, buckle up and let’s start this thing!

Game events are a huge part of the Ice Warrior community. From hosting games on Roblox to playing a round of Skribbl.io, and even building on Minecraft together. In this edition of Q&A, I’ll be diving into the depths of one of the most calming events: the Movie Night. Get your popcorn and soda on deck, and let’s get ready to rumble!

What is your favorite part about watching movies?

Suation: Entertainment, I especially like to watch action movies.

ExpiredMilk: I enjoy getting linked with the characters and feeling the emotions they feel (like when a character dies, I feel sad too and I enjoy experiencing that emotional rollercoaster) the Studio Ghibli ones are some of my favorite.

NathanWell, movie nights are fun for many different reasons, it’s fun to watch the movie, and to laugh about it in chat, it’s fun after a long, tiring day, and it’s fun because the movie night team always does their best to get a movie we all want to watch! Shoutout to Gavin for playing Dora and the lost city of gold when I was having a terrible day, really helped, ily :love_aaa: :CheetoDora: . It’s also fun to learn about people’s favorite characters when watching movies, like watching spirited away, and seeing Law in there multiple time lol.

I don’t think this is healthy.

Do you think movie nights are underrated?

JustAsh: They’re really fun not only to host (I had to help out Kally with hosting once) but also to attend! Watching movies together with people is one of my favorite ways to bond, and it’s a great way to start having a shared interest with your IW friends! It makes me sad sometimes when a Movie Night has only a small handful of attendees, because you never know how you’ll feel about a movie until you watch it! The bond that can come from liking the same movie as someone is really special in my opinion, and I think people should attend Movie Nights when they can. :HeartsBeating:

TrailsI think movie nights are a real enjoy, it’s fun to watch movies together with other people when it’s night time for most of us Ice Warrior troops and Staffs. Sitting in your bed with the device in front of you, with lights maybe and some popcorn and a drink to that. I do not think movie nights are something you should remove from the List, I think we should still have it. Lots and lots of fun and enjoyable moments have been created and talked about from just watching a movie to funny conversations and laughs all together really brings IW’s members closer (:
I would say that movie nights are underrated, absolutely. If you don’t have time that’s understandable, but if you don’t like the movie just give it a try! A sparkle might be created and might want you to continue watching the movie (: Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover.

What do you enjoy about hosting movie nights?

Subster: I really enjoy everything about it! Especially when a lot of people join me to watch a fun movie, I love how excited some people get over it!

Chevy: Something I really enjoy about movie nights is that it isn’t that much of a hassle to host. You get to watch a movie and other people that may not be able to watch Netflix, HBO, etc. also get to watch! It’s fun for everyone that decides to watch (that is if it’s a good movie :weary:)

Which films do you wish to see in future movie nights?

K!!!I definitely want to see more adventure movies, like the Mission Impossible series

Amethyst: Bad Hair Day

Purple: Lemonade Mouth or Hannah Montana: The Movie

The Ice Warriors really do enjoy movie nights! From hosting them to just relaxing and watching new films, this activity is very near and dear to many. Go grab the “movie night” role in the #role-menu if you haven’t already, and remember to keep one eye peeled for new events! Regardless of battle results and the challenges faced, IW will forever be on top! This is just the beginning of something incredible, and as always…

Don’t Freeze Up!

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