Meme Monday: What has Levelz done to us?

Hewwo Ice Warriors!

I hope you all are having an amazing Monday and a great start to the week! Have you noticed a lot of staff members and troops using the terms “ur mom” or “no problem?” For this week’s edition of Meme Monday, we’ll be diving deep into these two very popular memes that both originated from Second in Command, Levelz. Let’s go!

As you all know, Levelz was the one who started trolling around IW and saying the phrase, “ur mom” or “no problem” after everything. She trolls a ton in the IW voice chats and in the main chat! However, a lot of people have been catching on to this terrifying trend, including myself, and other members of the Ice Warriors. Let’s find out what Levelz has to say for herself. 

Penguin: After using the phrases “ur mom” and “no problem” a lot, how do you feel seeing others troll around with them as well?

Levelz: Hmm how do I feel? I don’t know, it’s kind of funny to me and pretty cool how everyone’s saying ur mom so much lol I love it. But I think it’s a bit different for each phrase, like for no problem I had no idea it would catch on like it did. I was just tryna be dumb and say random stuff but when other people started saying it a lot I was so surprised and I remember this one time I told someone ty and, not even exaggerating like 7 people told me np back :flop: and I was just thinking damn this is how it feels lol. But overall It’s kind of nice to see things like that catch on and knows I had some part in it 😛

This explains a lot of the chaos that we see and hear in IW every day. However, Levelz is definitely not the only one who spams “ur mom” in the chat. There are many staff members who love using this term, and Jean is no exception to that. She enjoys spamming, and also enjoys trolling. This must be a recipe for disaster!

This behavior is concerning.

As you can tell, Jean has a really weird obsession. She is slightly addicted to sending many messages of “ur mom” and that’s probably not a good thing. 

Penguin: What are your thoughts on the rapid spread of the term “ur mom?”

Jean: The term for ur mom can be annoying for starters, and you might hate it. But it’s exactly like COVID. You say ur mom once, and then it becomes an addiction. One can’t help but wonder, ur moms moms moms moms moms moms moms mom. Meow!

Penguin: No problem. 

There are clearly a lot of problems with this obsession, and we can’t control this rapid spread of it. However, there is no issue with saying the phrase “no problem.” Once again, this term was started by Levelz. Many would say it’s a large conflict and problem. Others would say it’s annoying. Let’s see what IceQueen has to say about “no problem.”

Penguin: There are many issues that need to be solved, do you think saying the phrase “no problem” is one of them? And why?

IceQueen: Yes, I believe the ‘no problem’ phrase is becoming a significant issue that is lowering the brain capacity of many civilians in the Ice Warriors’ Kingdom. It must be solved immediately. I cannot fathom why so many staff and troops alike are obsessed with this phrase. They must all re-learn the art of communicating effectively with actual words that make sense.

Penguin: ur mom needs to re-learn the art of communicating effectively with actual words that make sense.

IceQueen: Also, the ‘ur mom’ phrase is another problem that definitely needs to be solved. 

Alright, folks, as you can see, IceQueen is very passionate about ending these trolling phrases, and she clearly wants to eliminate all forms of them. There are many others who agree with her stance on this issue. 

And there you have it, the Ice Warriors have become the Troll Warriors because of the rapid spread of “ur mom” and “no problem.” These two terms originated from Levelz and have infected many of the troops and staff members. If you want to join in on the action, come hang out with us in #main-chat and attend our fun events! Other than that, enjoy the rest of your week and most importantly…

Don’t Freeze Up!

10 Responses

  1. LOL “LoWeRinG tHe bRaiN cApaCitY oF mAny CiVilLiAns” good post penguin uwu


  2. Love the post Penguin ❤


  3. best post on the iw website confirmed


  4. isnt it the same person when we say ur mom because most of our moms is actually crisy?


  5. ur mom’s no problem


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