Olympic Closing Ceremony/Recap

Hey Ice Warriors!

Yesterday was a bitter-sweet day as our first ever 2021 Subzero IW Olympics came to a close. Within the last 2 weeks, 26 teams (comprised of IW troops, staff, and allies) faced off in minigame tournaments on CPPS: New Club Penguin against each other. Ten different games were played throughout the whole tournament, such as Cart Surfer, Surfin’ Waves, Smoothie Smash, and even Card Jitsu Fire! Many teams have spent these past two weeks trying to make a name for the team, but exactly which team secured the golden Medal? Read down below to find out the top three teams, which games were played, and their winners. 

The IW Olympic Committee team consisted of the IW staff team:  Kally, DrQueen, IceQueen, Levelz, Qt Ben, Kristina, and TheNathanBoy. Alongside them were our IW helpers team, which consisted of Penguin, Angel, Cloudy, DelightedGOYAL, et3rnal_void, Nik, Princesspiya, Crazyflames, Purple, and Reddyred. The idea was inspired by the 2021 Toyko Olympics; we felt that we needed to bring that energy into the Ice Warriors. Together, this team accomplished the impossible and put an amazing 2-week event! Sadly, all good things must come to an end. On September 5th, 2021, The IW Olympic Committee and IW Helpers team hosted the closing ceremony and provided tactics for us! We maxed about 31 penguins and announced the top teams!! Who came in first? Once the event was over, Trusted Staff Member Levelz, came to announce the winners!

The Real Head Judges Of IW won the gold medal, earning a total of 78 points, with the uwu owo’s came in second place earning the silver medal, and gaining a total of 72 points, and the Pro Kings secured the bronze medal, earning a total of 59 points. Congrats to all three teams!!!!

Our Olympics ending event!!

The Real Head Judges Of IW team consisted of Comedy/OmskMythKallyIceQueen, and our newest leader, DrQueen!! Coming in silver, the uwu owo’s had LevelzFreedomistStacy, and Kristina! And lastly, the Pro Kings had a full team consisting of JoshDelighted GOYALIceyAvocadoMogi, and Nik!! Out of all 26 teams, only some really brought home the gold, silver, and bronze. We interviewed Josh from the Pro Kings and Comedy/Omsk from the Real Head Judges Of IW about how they got such a high score! We asked Josh about how he got his incredibly high Surfin’ Waves score and Omsk about her Cart Surfer score! 

Do you have any pointers on how to get a high score like that?

Josh: There are two main things I’ll point out. When you make large jumps with tricks and 10+ flips, you need to be ready to click to keep balance as you descend from the jump. Also not sure if this is known by anyone else, but purposely crash near the end of the game, you’ll get pushed back enough distance to perform 2 extra jumps.

Comedy: Pick 2 tricks to repeat over and over again, then grind those rails! Otherwise, it’s just luck. Make sure to use your lives up, though, so you can get those extra points! It’s just a lot of practice and getting your timing down. Once you get over 1200, it’s really just lucked to get that high. I don’t think I’ll ever match it again.

Josh is so good at Catchin’ Waves!


There are tons of super cool rewards for the top teams. The following medals are given to the teams who got the highest scores in individual games:

Game 1: 🏅Ice Fishing Champion🏅 goes to the uwu owos

Game 2: 🏅Catchin’ Waves Champion🏅 goes to The Pro Kings

Game 3: 🏅Find Four Champion🏅 goes to Fruity Fighters

Game 4: 🏅Card Jitsu Champion🏅 goes to the uwu owos

Game 5: 🏅Dance Contest Champion🏅 goes to The Real Head Judges of IW

Game 6: 🏅Sled Racing Champion🏅 goes to the uwu owos

Game 7: 🏅Smoothie Smash Champion🏅 goes to The Real Head Judges of IW

Game 8:🏅Pizzatron Champion🏅 goes to The Real Head Judges of IW

Game 9: 🏅Cart Surfer Champion🏅 goes to The Real Head Judges of IW

Game 10: 🏅Card Jitsu Fire Champion🏅 goes to The Pro Kings

You can view each team’s respective medals in the IW Olympics Server! The link can be found here.

The final leaderboard for the Olympics!

We hope everyone enjoyed it, and we wanna know if you guys want another one! I got in contact with some Olympians to see what they thought!

What did you enjoy the most about the Olympics, and what could be changed?
Waffle: I dunno tbh, but I did say the fruit game was fun and everything was perfect; no changes needed
Mogi4: I really enjoyed the Olympics that every team had a chance to win, that it was in ncp, and that there were a lot of really fun games to play! It also got me to know new people from IW! Next time to make the teams a little bit more fair for the people that new to club penguin, or that are just bad at ncp games, I would make people sign up first, and then randomly select the teams!
Do you want to see another IW Olympics in the future?

Kozs: Yes, I would love to see another Olympics!

Woofy: Yes and I think it should be once a year each summer, like an annual IW tradition!

Don’t Freeze Up!!

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