Sunday Funday #6

Hello Ice Warriors!

I hope you all have had an amazing weekend and a great start to your September! Today, we are presenting a new edition of Sunday Funday to you, right off the printing press. If you don’t know what Sunday Funday is, it’s a collection of fun games that we have put together. You guys can play and enjoy them, and even earn snowflakes for completing the activities correctly. Now, if you are ready, let’s begin!

The first game that we are starting is, spot the difference! From the image below, find and highlight 5 things that are different from the 1st and 2nd pictures, it can be a missing penguin, word bubble, added symbols, and more! Will you be able to spot them all?

Next up, we are back with a new version of Where’s Waldo, but staff! Try to find the requested staff/trusted staff member in each event picture. Some are challenging so good luck!

Can you find Leader in Training, Crisy (CPR username: Ice Mom) in this image?

Can you spot Angel (CPR username: xXTrailsXx) in this picture?

Lastly, can you find the water sniffer and Trusted StaffClindz (CPR username: singonvc) in this photo?

The third game we have is a crossword! You are given a set of 10 clues, and there is one word that corresponds with each hint! The answers can be found in the Ice Warriors discord server, our website, on Club Penguin Rewritten, or by using background knowledge!

The last one will be a maze puzzle! Start from the beginning and work your way to the end. However, you must be careful because there may be some scary creatures along the way!

So… that’s all the minigames we are going to have this Sunday Funday! Will you be able to complete all of them? Don’t forget to DM it to .penguin#7613 or Cloudy512#1128 and be able to receive those snowflakes to use them and buy some nice roles or even join in the custom role giveaway! As an ending to this edition’s Sunday Funday, don’t forget to congratulate DrQueen on her promotion to Leader and join us in our upcoming events! Last but not least…

Don’t Freeze Up!

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