Events Recap: August 29th – September 4th

Heyo Ice Warriors!

This week was the second half of our Sub Zero 2021 Summer Olympics! We had a whole range of tournaments and games! Stay tuned for the Olympics Closing Ceremony and many more exciting events next week!

[AUSIA] Battle with Help Force + Dance Contest!

Max: 36

[EU/US] Battle with Red Ravagers + Capture the Flag!

Max: 36

[EU/US] Troop U-Lead + Sled Racing Tourney!

Max: 33

[EU/US] Battle with Templars + Smoothie Smash Contest!

Max: 37

[EU/US] LIT Takeover + Cartsurfer Contest!

Max: 29

[EU/US] Battle with RPF + Card Jitsu Fire Tourney!

Max: 36

Hope you all had an incredible week! Let us know below on what your favourite event of the week was!

Love Yourselves!


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