Troop/Staff/Recruiter/Reporter of the Month: September 6th, 2021

Sub Zero, IWNC HW, DrQueen’s Office – Well well well, the infamous month of September has finally arrived. In the army community, people associated the month of September as the “September Drop” a period where armies perform their worst, however, Ice Warriors shall remain immune to the September drop! Despite that, many troops and staff work hard to make sure we don’t feel its effects. This week we announce our reporter of the Month, who has been working really hard to bring amazing content into the Ice Warriors Community. As well, our troop, staff, and recruiter of the week are all announced! Read down below to find out who they are!

Troop of the Week: depressedpickle & Kai ♡

Recruiter of the Week: Eterny

Staff of the Week: Kristina

Reporter of the Month: .penguin

Disclaimer: I apologize for not writing individualized paragraphs, as I, DrQueen, am currently ill, however, I decided to put this post together to still honor everyone’s hard work!

Congrats to all five individuals who received their respective titles. Without you, Ice Warrior’s wouldn’t be the same. If you do see them in the main chat do wish them a giant congrats!!!!! Remember to work hard, recruit, attending events, interact in the main chat to be noticed but Leaders/Leader’s in Training for a chance to be selected for next week’s article. Until then…

Live life from one high to another 

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