Meme Monday: Has the Quack Army found a challenger?

Hello, there fellow Ice Warriors! Today we are back with another Meme Monday post! This week has flown by with all our super events and I just want to thank all of you for attending all (if not most) of the events! But without further ado let’s start this edition of Meme Monday!

First off, we have a meme from our Staff member: ReddyRed!

Reddioli pasta in action! Looks a bit unsafe…

DelightedGOYAL: “So Red, how have the reviews on your brand new Reddioli Pasta?
ReddyRed: “They are good, people like it. So many people want the formuoli. I told them: I will never run around, and desert you, formuoli will be revealed later.”

Next, a meme from another Staff member: Hiro!

Looks like it’s a split decision! Vote in #bot-commands if you haven’t already!

DelightedGOYAL: “Hey Hiro! Who do YOU think would win and why?”
Hiro: “Hmm, That’s a hard decision to say, mate. it depends on the outcome of how many people vote. PS. Duck gang is better!”

After that, a meme from our Ally: ItsZombieBattler!

-insert zombies picture- (caption: Do phantoms taste that good?)

DelightedGOYAL: “Hello Zombie! How much do you HATE phantoms?”
ItsZombieBattler: “I REALLY HATE THEM, phantoms are stupid creatures in Minecraft, I keep getting killed by them :(“

Then, a meme from our Staff In trainingSuperEvilSlayer17!

What side will you pick?

DelightedGOYAL: “Super, if you had to choose a side, which would it be?”
SuperEvilSlayer17: “I would choose whichever side invited me first because I like both the animals and I also like the people in both gangs”

You heard it here folks! Too bad I already invited him to the lizard gang >:D

Finally, a meme from our very own Head Generalkirb!

Make sure to be casual or they’ll run!

DelightedGOYAL: “Kirb! This is the funniest meme I’ve seen all week! Tell me, what inspired you to make this meme?”
kirb: “I never recruit, but if I did, it would be to slide in people’s DM’s and this meme represents it perfectly!”

And that is the end of this week’s Meme Monday article! Which side will you pick, the Ducks or the Lizards? Make sure to leave a comment below! Make sure to submit your own memes in the #iw-memes channel for a chance to appear on our weekly Meme Monday articles! Hope you guys had your sides aching after reading this and as always, see you next week! Oh, and I forgot to say,

Drink lots and lots of water this summer!

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