Troop and Staff Member of the Week: July 26th 2021

Hey there Ice Warriors!

Spirit Week has now begun! I hope you’re all joining in the spirit and fun of spirit week and supporting your teams! If you don’t have a team yet, go get one from #spirit-week! It’s Monday, you know what that means… are you all super eager to find out our new Troops and Staff Members of the week?! Keep on reading to find out!

Troops of the Week: Mogi & Timothy!

Our Captain, Mogi has been an amazing role model to all troops! He’s always super friendly and active on our Main Chat! Mogi has been a committed Ice Warrior and recently hosted a super fun Arsenal Competition! Thank you for all your dedication Mogi!  Readers, stay tuned for the next competition, it’s sooner than you think! 

Mogi rocking out at the beach in his IW uniform!

Timothy, also our Captain, has been incredibly engaging in so many of our events! Thank you for always being so hyped and energised for our events and for always coming up with awesome tactics, he’s even VC Led one of our events before! I’m looking forward to all your tactic ideas in the future!

Timothy looking super smart in his IW letterman jacket!

Staff Members of the Week: DelightedGoyal & Turbo!

Our Brigadier General, DelightedGoyal,  has been super committed ever since he was a Staff In Training! He’s always been so eager to help out the staff team and also engages with our troops well hosting several Roblox events with them! From recruiting new members to the Ice Family, helping troops learn about Club Penguin and taking charge and getting involved in our staff-led events, you’ve been doing an amazing job! Congratulations Delighted! (P.S. Delighted was the one that kickstarted the LiceQueen trend -me cry- jk jk.)

The time when SiTs became DelightedGoyal or should I say… Panda? xD

Our Command Officer & IW Veteran, Turbo, has known Icey for a SUPER long time! Thank you for returning to Ice Warriors and for being a great asset to our Staff Team! You’ve been a powerhouse in helping our troops log on for events and have been doing an incredible job in supervising our Minecraft Division ensuring we have fun events planned each week! Thank you for all your hard work, it doesn’t go unnoticed! Turbo is also very friendly with both our troops and staff however with the recent teams formulated in Spirit Week, did something happen? Check out the funny screenshot below (click to enlarge)!

Did Turbo just unfriend all the staff members? :oop:

Be sure to congratulate Mogi, Timothy, DelightedGoyal and Turbo when you see them on main chat! Maybe next week you’ll be selected as the new TOTW & SMOTW! As always, remember to…

Love Yourselves! ❤

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