Trivia Thursday #26

Hello and bless you Ice Warriors!

I hope you all have been keeping yourselves calm and collected for this week so far. With Legends Cup XI being just around the corner, it’s important for all Ice Warriors to be as prepared as possible. In the meantime, I’d like to welcome you to the 26th edition of IW’s Trivia Thursday. Before we begin, I’d like to take a moment to congratulate DelightedGoyal, ReddyRed, and Josh (oh wait, that’s me) for getting all questions correct for last week’s Trivia Thursday. Speaking of last week, here are the answers from the previous Trivia Thursday:

1) Answers may vary but should include two of the following (Macaroni Gaming, Steph, BEN, Al, IceyAvocado, JustAsh♡, Shinde, Regan)

2) Have CPR role + be in the IW server for at least one week

3) True (Blitz Battle vs ACP)


5) Klondike

For those who are not fully aware of how Trivia Thursday works, each Thursday, there will be a post where 5-6 questions are given out, and the first 3 people to answer all questions correctly receive snowflakes:CS_snowflake_hypesquad: get featured in the next Trivia Thursday. Question types you’ll see may vary greatly, and correct answers get posted for the next Trivia Thursday. For today, these are your questions for this week:

1) Name 2 IW High Commands (LiT, 2ic, and 3ic) that are part of the EU division.

2) What is another name for the “4th in command” ranking? (you can check at #ranks)

3) Which previous limited-time role was available during June of this year?

A. 🍀Clover Crusher🍀 B. 💘Ice Cupid💘 C. Paddy’s Ice Shamrock☘️ D. 🌈Prideful Penguin🌈

4) True or False: Dreary Iceberg is NOT part of IW’s territory.

5) Fill in the blank: ‘Press H to ______________’

Do you perhaps know all of the answers? If so, drop a comment down below with your answers for the chance to be featured next week. Do remember that you need to be one of the first 3 to answer all questions correctly to be featured and receive some snowflakes:CS_snowflake_hypesquad:. Best of luck to all of you that will participate in this edition of Trivia Thursday!

Lastly, as a huge reminder, our first round for Legends Cup is this Saturday #:trophy:legends-cup:trophy:, let’s all dominate and show the Ice Warriors’ true strength moving forward. :iwsalute:


4 Responses

  1. 1. Freedomist and Kristina
    2. Ice Master
    3. D
    4. False
    5. Press H to not disconnect


  2. 1) Freedomist, Kristina

    2) Ice Master

    3) 🌈Prideful Penguin🌈

    4) False

    5) Fill in the blank: ‘Press H to not disconnect’


  3. I only know 3 and 5:

    3: prideful penguin

    5: press H not disconnect


  4. 1) Freedomist, Kristina
    2) Ice Master
    3) Prideful Penguin
    5)Press H to not disconnect


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