The Sub Zero Standard #2 [11/8/20-11/17/20]

Hey Ice Warriors

Welcome to the weekly Sub Zero Standard! Last week we got to second place on the CP Army Hub Top Ten, amazing job! This week was no exception, and once again we had a busy week with many invasions and fun events! Keep reading for a brief recap 😉 

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Invasion of Sled – results

Greetings Ice Warriors!

Today we successfully invaded Sled. By Maxing 66 penguins and winning all rooms we proved that the Ice Warriors is still one of the strongest army in the community. Starting each weeks like this is our dream – well done guys and huge shout out to our leaders in training and trusted staff for leading this time. Also we would like to thank Pizza Federation for showing up and not being cowards!

Thank you guys for coming! Promotions will be given on discord. Also remember to check #events-information and come on Thursdays training&tournament!

US Invasion of White House [Results]


UPDATE: Nice, nice DCP, but we wont because you’re LOSING all the time.

Hey Ice Warriors,

Today, we have successfully invaded the server, White House. The DCP was a no show, and we have captured that server! Comment if you came to this event!

The Ice Warriors maxed 16 + and averaged 12 at the battle of Deep Snow. Im not very impressive of those who didn’t come to the events today, it wasn’t that very many Ice Warriors troops that are on. Please, all Ice Warriors should try to come to the next event, and l dont wanna see this ever again! Anyway, click read more for pics[pictures are not in order].

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Successfully invaded the Hockey [Golds]

Hey Ice Warriors, Today we logged on Hockey. We have successfully invaded Hockey from the Golds[because of this, the few Golds decided to log on without agreeing with Lorenzo]. We maxed 14 and averaged 14. There was only a few Golds and LT on the server, Hockey. We did do well during this event, but the Golds + LT did not do the tactic very much for this tonight’s event.

Screenshot at Jan 28 19-17-43

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