Trivia Thursday #26

Hello and bless you Ice Warriors!

I hope you all have been keeping yourselves calm and collected for this week so far. With Legends Cup XI being just around the corner, it’s important for all Ice Warriors to be as prepared as possible. In the meantime, I’d like to welcome you to the 26th edition of IW’s Trivia Thursday. Before we begin, I’d like to take a moment to congratulate DelightedGoyal, ReddyRed, and Josh (oh wait, that’s me) for getting all questions correct for last week’s Trivia Thursday. Speaking of last week, here are the answers from the previous Trivia Thursday: Continue reading

Trivia Thursday #25

Good day to you all Ice Warriors!

Hoping everyone is having a nice weekday today :D. As you may all know it’s already Thursday, can’t believe tomorrow’s already Friday :0. And every Thursday we’ll have a Trivia Thursday article, for this week’s post will be the 25th edition of it! Before we go into the questions, I would like to congratulate Chevy, Levelz & Dany for getting all of the questions right :partying_face: , but also thank you to all those who’ve tried and participate in joining in answering the questions. Alright then, let’s take a peek at last week’s answers: Continue reading

[EU/US] PB vs Silver Empire & Invading Dry Ice!

Hey Ice Warriors!

On July 7th, we invaded Dry Ice and battled with our friends, the Silver Empire! We also played some Connect Four and made some new friends ‚̧

Max penguins online: 34 Continue reading

[AUSIA] PB vs Red Ravagers & Invading South Pole!

Hey Ice Warriors!

On July 7th, we invaded the server South Pole and battled with our friends, the Red Ravagers! It was a bunch of fun, and always a pleasure to hang out with some friends! We also played some cart surfer together to grind those coins!

Max penguins online: 31 Continue reading

Q&A: Giddy Up!

Yeehaw Ice Warriors!

It’s the Ice Warriors Chicken, HeadChicken¬†riding his horse down to the IWNC HQ to make a new Q&A for all you warriors out there to read and enjoy! Have you ever wondered why tons of Ice Warriors Troops, Staff, and HCOM started to become and act like Cowboys and Cowgirls recently, and much more? Well if you would like to know, keep on reading to find out. Continue reading

[EU/US] Successful Invasion of Frostbite

Hey Ice Warriors!

On July 3rd, we invaded yet another server, this time Frostbite! As always, nobody was there to defend it, so we claimed it with ease!

Max penguins online:37 Continue reading

[AUSIA] Successful Invasion of Snowmobile

Hey Ice Warriors!

On July 3rd, we invaded another server, this time it was Snowmobile! Our land is growing bigger and bigger and tonight we’ll invade another for some coastal beaches! Make sure to attend!

Max penguins online: 38 Continue reading

[EU/US] Successful Invasion of Husky

Hey Ice Warriors!

On July 2nd, we successfully invaded our historic co-capital Husky! Thank you for attending, it was a raging success!

Max penguins online: 44 Continue reading