Trivia Thursday #25

Good day to you all Ice Warriors!

Hoping everyone is having a nice weekday today :D. As you may all know it’s already Thursday, can’t believe tomorrow’s already Friday :0. And every Thursday we’ll have a Trivia Thursday article, for this week’s post will be the 25th edition of it! Before we go into the questions, I would like to congratulate Chevy, Levelz & Dany for getting all of the questions right :partying_face: , but also thank you to all those who’ve tried and participate in joining in answering the questions. Alright then, let’s take a peek at last week’s answers:

1) Example of some staff that you guys included: Cloudy, Ben, Abi, Trails, Josh, ReddyRed, Kally, Kristina, and Emma

2) Blue baseball cap

3) C) Madhav

4) True

5) ‘Watch this khat get faded tho.’

6) Chevy

As you may all know, now Trivia Thursday have a new style of questions, from short answer question, true or false, multiple questions, and a ‘fill in the blank’ question! And the range of questions can reach up to more than 5. From answering all of the questions and being able to get them right, you’ll have a chance to get a prize for snowflakes :snowflake:! That benefits you to get some of our nice roles which you can check at the #shop. Now you know how it works let’s jump right into the questions…

1) Mention two people who have moved to Round 3 at the IW Graphics Tournament.

2) What are the requirements in order to be whitelisted into our MC and Roblox server?

3) True or False: The most recent battle event that we had was with the ACP.

4) Fill in the blank: ‘MANGO_______’

5) Which of these are IW’s territory? (you can check at #server-map-updates)

A. Yeti  B. Grizzly  C. Klondike  D. Shoreline

Will you be able to answer all of these questions correctly? Go type in your answers in the comment section below! But, be careful, the first 3 people that have the right answers are counted as winners. And they’ll receive a prize of snowflakes and be featured on the next Trivia Thursday Post. Good luck to all of you, and let’s see who will win this week’s Trivia Thursday!

Last but not least, don’t forget to check the next CPR event #event-information and keep updated to our IWNC posts #announcements :goo~1:Peace out!

3 Responses

  1. 1. Shinde and Regan (which senior will win?? :e5: :e5: )
    2. Easy, make a cpr account and be in the server for a week! (DM me if you want help 😉 DelightedGOYAL#0001
    3. True and they gave up xD xD
    4. SEED
    5. Klondike (IW Capital I believe!)

    Great questions btw!


  2. 1) Shinde, JustAsh

    2) have a CPR account, and be in the server for 1 week

    3) True, blitz vs ACP

    4) SEED

    5) Which of these are IW’s territory? (you can check at #server-map-updates)



  3. 1. ash / icey avocado
    2. PFC/CPR roles, be in server for at least one week, must have Java edition
    3. True (yesterday’s event)
    4. SEED
    5. Klondike


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