A Deep Dive into the IW Minecraft Server

Hey Ice Warriors!

I hope you guys have all had a great week so far! As we are finally getting close to the impending Legends Cup Tournament, it’s time to breathe, look back, and to have a little overview of our well-renowned Minecraft Server, ran by our amazing moderators and filled with many of our awesome troops! Whilst we are aware that sadly not all of you are able to play on the server, we do hope to give you guys a tour of some of the massive areas and builds (both old and new) around the server to demonstrate just how much it’s evolved over time!

For those that don’t know, the server was founded by Subster last year and it all started with the main spawn area where new troops that joined got their first glimpse of the server! The main landmark of this particular area is the Subzero Castle built by Subster and renovated by other moderators over time, acting as both a meetup place for troops and also a place of residence for the server’s current mods! More recently, the server has a new frog-themed nightclub created for troops to hang out and vibe! If you also noticed, this area also has a couple of restaurants nearby too, including a KFC restaurant recently made by Jean where players can go grab a bite to eat whenever! And as a way of showing that the IW community openly accepts all of you for who you are, we have a huge pride flag for everyone to see!

Secondly, we have the beach area behind the Subzero Castle, full of many detailed builds inspired by the Club Penguin map! For example, this area has the infamous Pirate Ship created by both Snow and Subster back in November, paying homage to the well-known Rockhopper’s Migrator ship on CP. That huge, grey house you can see by the beach is the Family House made by our amazing Ice Mom, Crisy. It is intended for troops to stay in for a while and relax whenever they wish to! Of course, we can’t forget about the beautiful beach itself where troops can go for a swim, grab some lemonade from the Lemonade Stand or go fishing if they wish to! Some other CP-inspired builds that we can’t ignore include the Lighthouse and our Dojo, where you can also find the different elemental dojos (fire, water, snow, and even shadow) when you go inside! Also, did anyone else notice that cool Dora the Explorer statue in the distance? 

On the outskirts of the server, we have an awesome town area co-founded by Melonz and Et3rnal_Vo1d, and a place inhabited by many of our troops. This particular town has many notable builds, including a well-designed hotel (as you can see on the left) called ‘Gav Inn’, a clever tribute to our staff member, Gavin. If you look closely, you can also find a fridge house behind many of the other houses. And we all know how much of a fan Chevy is when it comes to fridges. Overall, we’d say this town and its builds are a very clear example of the creativity of many of our troops in not just Minecraft but also the IW community!

To get some further insight into the server as a whole, we had Snow interview its esteemed founder, and also infamous crasher, Subster.

Subster: Oh I sure do. Once the second part of the caves and cliffs update comes out we will be revamping the server in an entirely new world. We will be keeping spawn and other builds as is but that’s not until around the holiday season! Gavin and I have been planning the revamp since the update has been announced and we’re super excited so stay tuned for that! When the revamp is going to start more details will be released :goo~1:

Next up, we have Jean asking a few Minecraft mods and Troops their opinions on the server as it is currently.

Jean: What do you like most about the MC server at the moment?

Kristina: There are so many different places to explore, and it’s always so nice seeing the new things that have been added.

Trails: I love it when people work together on adventures and discover the mystery behind the world of Minecraft, build and family love generally. I love helping people in it as well! It’s always so exciting!! I try to stay active whenever I can and got time so that if ANYONE needs help with anything, I can be to use of something lol. I enjoy creating new things, building something small for others, cheer them up just a little bit (: . There’s so much to be done for my road to end, and this is just the beginning of a new chapter in my MC life. The IWs Minecraft server is still yet to be discovered behind walls and temples, road and underwater. You never know until you step up and walk with your feet to every direction or path there is leading you towards (:

Melonz: I like it all, but mainly how they credit the builders/mods for all their hard work and what they have done to make it a better place.


There you have it folks! We can’t wait to see what more creative builds our troops can come up with in the future! What do you guys think of our Minecraft Server? Be sure to comment your thoughts down below in the comments section.  We hope you guys loved this tour of our Minecraft Server and that you all enjoy the rest of your week!

Ice Warriors Forever!


The Ice Warriors have a Patreon! If you wish to support our Website, our Discord server and our Minecraft server, please consider joining our Patreon, which includes perks such as custom roles, custom emojis, and more on our Discord server! -> https://www.patreon.com/icewarriors

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