Q&A: Event Variety within Ice

Hello Ice Warriors!!
I am hoping you’re having a fantastic week so far. IW has a plethora of fun aspects, and the biggest one of them all is events. Something I had always considered to be interesting was that there are different types of events hosted usually involving training, practice battles, invasions, etc. For this Q&A, I thought it would be interesting to analyze some of the types of events in the Ice Warriors and discover what makes them quite noteworthy and beloved by the community. So, let’s hop into it.

Training events are among the most common in Ice Warriors. What makes them very important?
They are very important for new troops to learn how to attend an event. They are also important for training into a big event like Legends Cup.
HeadChicken: Well, most trainings consist of preparing for tournaments, big battles, etc. They are super important to make sure all IW is ready to battle so we continue to be on top!
EternalTraining events and practice battles are very important for our army because they ensure that we always stay on top of our game. It is especially important for us to be able to do tactics quickly and without any misunderstandings because of Legends Cup, which is coming up very soon. Outside of tournaments, trainings help our army reach a higher rank in CPAN’s Top 10.

Practice battles feature other Club Penguin Armies, and we battle against them. What’s the value in practice battles?
Penguin: Practice battles are super important because they make us a stronger army. For the troops, it gives them an idea of what tournaments look like and how they’re played. They also give us a chance to practice quick forms and tactics with other armies. Battling with other armies for practice is also good since you get to know your opponents :goo~4: and learn about other armies. Finally, they’re super fun and they’re different from normal events:aahtongue:.
Dany: The main value for practice would be for most troops to get used to the system, to loosen up a little, and know what to do on “What if” scenarios. It’s also great practice for Leaders/LiTs, Trusted Staff, and sometimes Staff, to master the art of leading. This can bring great advantage over the other armies and almost secure a guaranteed victory. Also it can be funny because DrQueen and Kally just be roasting each other and IceQueen being loud as always.
Maya: Practice battles have a large importance in my opinion. They give newer troops an idea of how these battles go down, and give them an idea of what tournament battles will be like when the time comes.

Invasions act like practice battles, but there’s an added twist, we claim land. What makes invasion events important, and how is that land super valuable?
Levelz: I think the land is valuable because it shows all of our hard work. Like you could look at the map and see so much blue land and just know that a lot of time and effort went into all of those invasions and it just proves that all our troops and staff and leaders work really hard to make the army into the best it can be.
Subster: Land is super suuuuuuuper valuable! It gives us more servers to own as well as protect say during a war or something similar. The more we expand our territory, the more servers and room we have for all our troops! It also shows our strength in owning and claiming so many servers that some armies might fear.
Purple: Invasions events are super important, it makes us get more lands, and plus we get to practice for Legends Cup (it’s coming really soon, so stay tuned for that). :SCbebbyfroggie: :love_aaa:

What is your favorite type of IW event and why?
Melonz: Omg, my favorite events are the Polar / Blizzard battles as we get to battle against each other. I enjoy them as we get to wear different clothing, and we are always happy for whoever wins. :melonhrt:
JustAsh: That’s a tough one. Out of all of them though, I’d have to say Divisional Battles! I feel like I have a special bond with my fellow Blizzard troops during Divisional Battles that other events can’t match. :FloatingHeartsBlack:
Isa Cake: D
ivision Battles are probably my favorite because troops can vc lead when they normally don’t. Also, it’s fun to roast Polar.
Trails: I’d have to say Costume Takeovers because people love to wear a costume and it makes you stand out a little but in an approved way. :ztmochadance: A Costume Takeover would be a fun idea of an event and everyone would most likely enjoy it!

Tournament battles are considered the biggest events to watch out for. What makes them super important for the Ice Warriors?
DrQueen: We always claim Ice Warriors is the #1 army out there. In order for us to continue being that #1 army, we need as much help as we can get. From our troops, staff, veterans, it’s very important to attend as size is considered one of the factors for winning tournaments. Bigger sizes help us dominate the room better, cover the other team better, which can lead us to a win. By just troops attending, it really pulls out the army aspect of IW, in which troops can finally witness. By more troops attending, it helps us show other armies that we are stronger and always dominating.
IceQueen: Tournaments are some of the biggest events we do as a community with other Club Penguin Armies! It’s a chance to showcase what we can achieve together as an Ice Family and show everyone what we’re made of. This year is the 11th Legends Cup, in all past, there have been only 3 armies to win; IW, RPF and Nachos. Ice Warriors never fails to disappoint so let’s all rally up and do our utmost best to win! :iwsalute: :blueheart:

There you have it. One of IW’s biggest goals is to keep the community within it entertained and as strong as it can be. When it comes to events on Club Penguin, the entire staff team makes sure the events are enjoyable to all and that they don’t get stale either, which is why different types of events get hosted. Feel free to comment below your favorite type of event we host if you have one or other thoughts you may have about events. Continue being the best Ice Warriors, and remember…
Press H to not do a Josh

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