Meme Monday: A new subdivision??

Hello everyone! Yes, yes, it’s time for another Meme Monday. Last week was full of events super events that I hope you were able to attend! On a slightly lower note, who’s feeling sad and bored this Monday? Yeah.. *yawns* me too. But never fear, Meme Monday is now here! These memes were handpicked from the #iw-memes channel. Get ready to laugh!

Let’s start off with a meme from our Staff In training, Penguin:

You can run but you can’t hide from the Law…

DelightedGOYAL: Do you think it should be just LawCorazon checking who comes to events?

Penguin: I don’t think it should only be LawCorazon checking events because other staff members could check with her. She’s quite sus as you can see, she changes everyone’s nicknames and eats a lot of croissants


This next meme is from our Head General Kirb!

Chevy is editing this and thinks they are both noobs honestly.

DelightedGOYAL: This is a very controversial meme, do you regret what you said?

Kirb: No because we all KNOW it’s true and luckily IceQueen doesn’t check #iw-memes.


Next up, we have a meme from our newest staff member, ReddyRed!

DelightedGOYAL: What was the motive behind this meme?

ReddyRed: Oh, pretty simple. But before we talk about that, let’s take a minute to talk about our sponsors, Raid: Shadow legends. Anyway, it’s just that it’s one of the funniest memes on Reddit, and I had to make a meme on it!


The penultimate meme is from our Warrant Officer shadowcl0n3!

Oh no! Quack quack.

DelightedGOYALHey shadow! What is the Quack Army?

shadowcl0n3: The Quack Army is a sub regiment of IW, consisting of myself, PrincessPiya, Bamford, and DarkMatrixx


And last but not least, we have a meme from another staff member, Hiro!

DelightedGOYAL: This is one hell of a funny post, what platform do you use to make memes?

Hiro: Well, other of my meme creator companions use and I use that as well for my memes. But this one is a custom meme, so I used for it


And ladies and gentlemen, that is it for today’s article! I really hope that this post made your day better and let’s just give a huge congratulations to people who made it onto this article! If you wish to appear here, make some memes and post them in #iw-memes for a chance to be featured! Until then…

Don’t forget to appreciate yourselves!

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