Staff/Recruiter/Troop of the week: July 19th, 2021

Subzero, Ice Warriors Capital – Last weekend, I, DrQueen traveled beyond the seas inside Rockhopper’s ship to find this week’s staff, recruiter, and the troop of the week! I traveled for days until I found an island called Subzero. I hopped off the ship and waddled my way around the island. I found a cool place, called the Coffee Shop, where indeed, found this week’s staff, recruiter, and the troop of the week and sat down with them for an interview!

First up, I sat down with our troop of the week, AlexG! Fun fact, AlexG joined Ice Warriors exactly 8 days ago. Alex has been extremely involved with Ice Warriors by attending almost all our CPR events last week, has been talking non-stop in our main chat, and even participated in last Sunday’s troop-u lead where he led amazing tactics. 

DrQueen: What is your favorite thing to do in Ice Warriors so far and what are your future goals in Ice Warriors?

AlexG: Well I would either say the events we have been doing or how the staff has been making IW better, but probably to become a Leader or a trusted staff for my future goals.

Yes AlexG, you will indeed be a feature IW leader one day!

We believe that you will reach your future goals one-day AlexG!! Keep up the amazing work and congrats on the troop of the week.

Next up, I sat down with our Recruiter of the Week, Origin. Origin is one of our current head generals who has recently increased her activity in the recruiting Warriors division. She brought in over 28 troops into Ice Warriors within one week! Bringing in that many people into Ice Warriors is such a huge accomplishment. 

DrQueen: You had a successful week this week! How were you able to bring in that many people?

Origin: prob recruiting in any server your in and dm 5 people per server. it doesn’t have to be like a popular server.


It seems like Origin is taking her time and not rushing in the overall process of recruiting, hence making her successful. Thank you for sharing that tip Origin.

Lastly, we have the one and only, troll master, Onyx, as our staff of the week! Onyx has been excelling well in this SIT program. He has been very involved within IW where he got inspired to help out IW in every way he can. He has spent countless hours trying to dm privates already in IW and helping them make CPR accounts and trying to convert them into troops! So far, he has been quite successful in that method. For his efforts and dedication, we commend you Oynx! 

DrQueen: What made you wanna join Ice Warriors and then eventually rank up to staff? 

Onyx: Originally Levelz forced me to make an account then I was inactive cuz I didn’t really know what it was. But then he started forcing me to show up to events and I noticed how nice the community was and how nice it was to hang out at the events, and then after that, I wanted to have a more substantial role in the community, so I kept going and eventually, I became staff :3.

Thanks to Levelz forcing you, because if he didn’t, you wouldn’t be the amazing staff member that you are today!!

Congrats to everyone who got selected! Make sure you attend our CPR events and go above and beyond to get noticed for next week! Until then….

Live life from one high to another :tl1Heart_Pink:

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