Q&A: Giddy Up!

Yeehaw Ice Warriors!

It’s the Ice Warriors Chicken, HeadChicken riding his horse down to the IWNC HQ to make a new Q&A for all you warriors out there to read and enjoy! Have you ever wondered why tons of Ice Warriors Troops, Staff, and HCOM started to become and act like Cowboys and Cowgirls recently, and much more? Well if you would like to know, keep on reading to find out.

First off, why do you think tons of IW members have been using “Yeehaw” and other Cowboy/Cowgirl phrases?

Penguin: There are many reasons behind the cowboys and cowgirls in IW. We have seen many of them riding their horses to events and saying “yeehaw” in chat! I believe one reason is that yeehaw is a cooler and better way to communicate it’s a lot more fun and really gives off a good mood to most.

Jean: Hmmm, interesting. I can’t say I know the direct answer to this question. Although, I reckon it is due to HawYee being underrated and people started saying “Yeehaw” because of it? As I said, there’s no particular reason on this matter, all we can do is presume.

Nathan: Well, more than likely because Dizzy was being a VERY bad influence on or poor troops and staff members. She was the one who started it in the first place!

Caption: This picture comes to show how popular Yeehaw has been throughout IW!

Over the last few months of CPR transferring to HTML5, there have been quite a few mascot visits. Which CPR mascot is your favorite and why?

Josh: Hmm, I don’t truly have a favorite mascot, but if I had to pick one, I think Cadence is my favorite simply because the party always starts when she waddles in (especially from taking many attempts at “The Party Starts Now” on Expert Mode, but we don’t talk about that)

Turbo: My favorite mascot would have to be Cadence simply because at one point during the Summer Jam party of 2013 I met her at the surfing room and said “please sign my hat cadence” and she came over to me and replied with “signs hat.” I also obsessed over her songs when they came out in 2012 afterward and really adored the music jam party of 2012 which was EPIC so it has got to be her! K-Dance, out!

Alu: My favorite mascot has to be Rookie, the main reason for this is because he has a goofy personality and his backgrounds are really nice especially the one on April Fools

Josh’s best Party Starts Now, Dance Contest score!

Recently, we’ve had tons of CPR events including Party’s, Invasions, Trainings, Takeovers, and more! Which CPR events do you most enjoy attending?

Cloudy: The CPR events that I most enjoy are the anniversary events, it was my first time getting to celebrate IW’s anniversary, feels like one of the memories that I would remember most and lovable one. Also, the recent invasion of Snowflake, cause when I was VC leading, I tried to talk fast of the large flicker emotes and one of them is from Lemon XD

Reddy: invasions uwu tactics are CLEAN uwu

IMPOZTER: My favorite CPR events are Polar vs, Blizzard. You may be asking why is it so fun for you? Well is Polar vs Blizzard it’s something different and very fun to do because it’s more competitive than training and it’s very fun to do so. I also found it interesting because sometimes polar wins but at the same time sometimes blizzard wins it’s an amazing experience, but I also like troop-u-lead because you can see the leading skills of troops in the army! It’s always very fun to watch their amazing tactics and creative tactics! I remember in troop-u-lead I think I did not miss 1 time because I was always hyped for it and I always wanted to lead! The best part is that all events are awesome no matter what type of event it is what time zone it is it’s an amazing experience! These are 2 of my favorite type of events!

One of our recent CPR events, Lifeguard Takeover!

Lastly, IW has had so many successful invasions over the last week, how well do you think #BLUEMAP has been going so far?

Ame: I think it’s been going really well so far and I hope we can get more land in the future

Emma: it’s been very fun! the map is turning very blue so that’s amazing!!

Trails: So far I think it’s been great. We all did our greatest to succeed and so we did. All thanks to those who attended the events of the invasion and those who cheer us up (: It’s really one’s honor, of feeling great and powerful when seeing your army successfully takes the win home to its right mighty place, where it belongs. We all have been excited about these invasions events and hoping on wining further ones too. I believe in us Ice Warriors, and so must you! That’s all folks, and have a good evening, night, morning, afternoon, etc.

Current IW Servers, hoping there is more to come!

That’s a wrap! Hope you and your horse had a good time reading this Q&A. What are your thoughts on the four questions stated above? Feel free to tell us in the comment section, we would love to know! As always make sure to check our Discord Server for upcoming invasions (#BLUEMAP FTW!) and other CPR events. Until next time…

Ice Warriors Forever!

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